Why Catering Is The Way To Go While Planning An Event

Our life is made up of events which are essential in bringing colossal changes in our life; some of these events mark a special occasion and deserve to be celebrated in the best fashion. Weather the occasion counts as a wedding or a business event good catering hire would be your best bet in insuring that your event takes your social circle by storm. Therefore we at Thorns group take charge of all things that would make your special event even more startling.

Our organization has been in the business for the past 60 years and we have achieved expertise in almost all the spheres of catering business.  We have lined up a team of people who are extremely professional in their approach towards ensuring that the work is handled without any hassle and provides the client with highest amount of satisfaction. We have five operations running at the moment which include furniture; catering, draping, technical services which includes music equipment hire and support services which are the new addition targeted towards providing great staffing solutions to our clients.

What sets us apart from our contemporaries is the fact that we not only provide catering hire services but we also provide draping and decoration services, music arrangement as well as staff hire we are successful in meeting the most minute to the most essential detail all under one roof which gives us an edge over others.

With 1 million rental items in our possession we have been successful in rendering our services to some of UK’s biggest and most talked about events, therefore we are well equipped to make arrangement for all sorts of events weather big or small. We cover areas in UK to a greater extend and therefore not limited to one single location which has helped in creating a niche for ourselves and provide our clients with the best service they have witnessed. We believe that we are what we do that is excellence therefore we always endorse it as a habit and not an act which helps us in making memories and not merely events.

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