The Most Important Part Of Your Visit To Australia: Your Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit Australia any time soon? Getting your things packed and all set to make the journey across the ocean? Well there are two things that you need to do first- get your flight tickets and the most important of all, your visa. Without the visa you will not be allowed to enter into the country of your choice, in this case Australia and hence you will have to come back home from the airport! Not a good thing to happen, right?

Do I need a tourist visa if I have a passport?

Yes. You need to have both of them when travelling to any other country than your country of residence. If you already have a passport then also you will need a tourist visa for Australia if you wish to visit the country. This is because the passport and the visa have different functions and implications. The passport that you have has been issued by your country of residence that grants you the permission to travel to other countries. The visa on the other hand is permission from the country or countries that you wish to travel to and it is issued by their embassy that is present in your city. For example if you are carrying your passport then you will be allowed to board the plane, but without your visa you will not be able to enter Australia once your flight lands! Thus both your visa and passport are required for tourism purposes.

How do I get my tourist visa to Australia?

Almost anyone and everyone, without a criminal record or without chronic and fatal diseases are eligible to apply for a tourist visa. You will have to get the form from the Australian embassy’s online website or collect it from the embassy itself. You will need to fill out various details. Be very careful and precise about the information that you provide when you fill out the details in this form since one misstep or misinformation will cost you your visa.

After you have filled out the form you will need to submit it with all the required relevant documents that will be stated in the form itself. In the final stages of the visa application process you will be asked to come and confirm your identity by providing your electronic fingerprint. You will also need to carry pictures of yourself with a plain background that are of a particular dimension that are required for visa applications. Make sure that you have at least 10-12 of them just to be safe.

Your final step would be the interview which is the most difficult and determining part of your australia visitor visa from india application process. You will have to convince the interviewer that you are visiting solely for tourism purposes and you have no plans or staying back or crossing your visa deadline. It helps if you can show them documents that prove that you have ties back home like a job, business etc.

The application process is very important and it can take some time. So start it from day one so that you can get your visa before your date of travel.

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