Employer Nominated Visa Of Australia, Subclass 186

The subclass (186) scheme gives a person and his whole family permanent residency in Australia. This gives permanent residency visa that requires the sponsorship of a nominating employer. In subclass 186 employer nominated program there are two different streams through which one can get entry in Australia.

The two subclass 186 streams

The two subclass 186 streams are:

  • Temporary resident transition- If you are currently holding a 457 visa and have been doing so for atleast two years then you are eligible for a temporary resident transition stream on the employer nomination scheme 186.
  • Direct entry- Those who are not working on a 457 visa for two years, but can pass the skill assessment and also has three years post-qualification with work experience then one is eligible for the direct entry stream on the employer nomination scheme 186.

In order to attain a 186 visa, the visa applicants and the employer has to satisfy a number of requirements like:

  • The employer will have to fulfil the training benchmark requirement, which means that it will require giving training to the Australian citizen and also the permanent resident employees.
  • If the visa applicant is applying under the temporary residence transition stream then the applicant has to complete 2 years of full time work as a 457 visa holder.
  • In case the applicant is applying under the direct entry stream then in general the visa applicant will need to obtain a positive skill assessment for the nominated occupation and also have 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Vis applicants need to make teh commitment to work in the nominated role for a period of atleast two years from the date that date the permanent residency is granted. The employer also needs to make the commitment to ensure the role available to the visa applicant for that period.
  • Visa applicant must all satisfy the English requirements for the visa or any of the other available exemptions.
  • The visa applicant’s salary must be according the Australian market rate for the nominated role.

The visa applicants can get the visa for Australia direct entry stream subclass 186 on the few conditions:

  • One has to be nominated by an approved Australian employer within the six months before they apply.
  • They should be under the age of 50 at the time of application, if you are applying under the temporary residence stream or under the age of 45 if in case you are applying under teh direct entry stream.
  • One should have the required skill and qualifications for the position at the time applying.
  • One can get visa if they have appropriate English language skills at the time of application.
  • Should meet health and character requirements.

Those who are above 50 are not eligible to apply, so make sure that you meet all the requirements that are given by the government before applying for the entry stream subclass 186.




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