Top Four Luxury Train Inspired Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day is an important occasion where you can truly show your dad that you really care for him. Since the day is nearing and you are already out of ideas, we are here to help you. If your father is a real traveller and loves to travel in luxury trains, then gifting your dad becomes easier. Here are some father’s day gift ideas from luxury trains.

Train trip itself

If your dad loves luxury train, why don’t you make him travel in one? There are various luxury trains in India like Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Maharajas’ Express, Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey. There are many other luxury trains in other parts of the world too. You can get better deals and offers during special occasions. Make sure you grab that discount and send your dad on his best vacation ever. If your budget fits, you can arrange for a whole family outing in the luxury train. Learn about the schedule of the train ahead to make better vacation decisions. It is better to book the tickets at least three months prior to the destination date.

Train ticket voucher

There are many luxury train clubs that serve its members with ticket vouchers. These vouchers are similar to coupons that you buy from any store. These vouchers can be traded for train tickets. The best part is that the vouchers can be customized with pictures of your father, messages and so on. There would be no extra charge for that. This voucher would be valid for a year. These vouchers are available for only a few trains and only for members of any luxury train club. Choose your club wisely.

Gifts from souvenir shops

Every luxury train has a souvenir shop where you can buy t-shirts, mugs, key chains and so on. You can buy a few mementos from the shop. The shop serves only its passengers. Thus, you should be on-board to buy those products. Your currency will be acceptable in the souvenir shops. If not, every train has a currency converter centre in it where you can exchange for Indian rupees.


If you haven’t thought about father’s day while travelling in a luxury train, it is less likely that you would have bought anything for him from the souvenir shop. There are a few online stores where you can buy luxury train themed items. One such item is book. You can find different types of books about various luxury trains in the world. If your father is a bookworm, you can gift him books from authors like Dharmendar Kanwar, Susan Wheeler and so on. These are available in leading online stores like Flipkart. Moreover, you can also find stationeries with luxury train theme like pen holders, posters and so on.

You can combine more than one luxury train tour packages and create a big vacation plan for your father. Some trains also allow small celebrations inside the train. Your father would love to cut the Fathers’ day cake in his cabin or in the restaurant. If you want a cake to be delivered, you should mention it in prior in the special requirement column provided in the booking form. It is all about making memories. If your father loves luxury train, then it should be a part of his day. After all, he is the guy who ran from store to store to get the gift that you wanted for your 9th birthday.

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