Going Wild In Paradise

Have you got a powerful urge to really let your hair down, tune out the noise of modern life and commune with nature? Sounds like you need a holiday fast. Don’t let the stress beat you, simply book some time off at work and leave for paradise…

There are many excuses for not going away on a paradise island holiday – most of them dull, boring, sensible and practical. But don’t you really deserve a treat? Come on, let me persuade you. Life has been tough on you recently and a spell somewhere warm and totally relaxing is exactly the medicine you need. The perfect destination for stress relief, re-energising and relaxation has been found, and is waiting for you in the warm, turquoise ocean.

So where is it?

Turks & Caicos, of course!

Turks & Caicos, a chain of forty islands and cays in the Atlantic, just ninety minutes by air from Miami. Only eight of the islands are actually inhabited, so there are lots of interesting and uncharted areas to explore if you are feeling intrepid. The locals on Turks & Caicos are a happy and welcoming bunch with a similar relaxed approach to life as their Caribbean neighbours. A visit on Turks & Caicos will involve a lot of lying on endless white sandy beaches, swimming in crystal clear seas and sipping on chilled rum punches.

Are you sold yet?

How about this for extra enticement.You can totally chill out on these islands by getting really close to nature. The inhabitants of Turks & Caicos take their wildlife both on land and sea very seriously and much of the area is a protected wildlife sanctuary, Princess Alexandra National Park. Snorkellers and scuba divers come for the excellent calm sea conditions and the huge range of marine life on display. Marvel at spectacular reefs of black coral, turtles, rays, barracuda, eels, starfish and more in places like Smith’s Reef in the main island of Provo. Kayaking on Chalk Sound or checking out the amazing bird-life  on uninhabited French Cay are other perfect ways of seeing the diverse flora and fauna close up.

If you like the idea of exploring further out in the ocean with some deep sea fishing Turks & Caicos can deliver the best. Charter well equipped vessels for a day to roam the islands and cays on the look out for tuna, wahoo, marlin and mahimahi. Whether you are an experienced sports angler or enthusiastic newbie, deep sea fishing Turks & Caicos style is guaranteed to provide excitement and fun for all. If you prefer the idea of something altogether more gentle, there are boat charters on the islands that will take you around all the best bits. Local experts with inside knowledge of hidden bays, secret lagoons and deserted beaches will introduce you to parts of the islands you would never otherwise see.

If you want to explore more of the interior and perhaps catch a glimpse of a flamingo or distant humpback whale on migration, there are ways of moving about the place. Car hire can be arranged from the international airport at Provo, alternatively cycle hire, moped rental and even horseback riding are other great ways of discovering this beautiful island paradise.

And if after all that communing with nature,lying on the beach, drifting in the warm ocean waters and knocking back Conch fritters with an iced rum cocktail still hasn’t pressed your ‘relaxed’ button, Turks & Caicos has several spas where therapies and treatments to uncoil the tightest springs are practised.

Must see places on a Turks & Caicos itinerary will include Grace Bay, an award winning, globally recognised supermodel of a beach. Many accommodation options are clustered around this area and anything from waterfront condos to all inclusive resorts right on the sands can be enjoyed. There are places to suit all budgets and family groups and those seeking more basic accommodation can strike it lucky here, too.

Other beaches worth a mention and visit include Taylor Bay and Leeward Beach. The Conch Bar Caves in Middle Caicos are a spectacular series of underground caverns worth experiencing and the Conch Hatchery where Queen Conch Shellfish are bred makes a fascinating day trip, too.

So why not go wild in paradise in Turks & Caicos? Unplug from the rat race and achieve a state of total relaxation in a place where the sun always shines and the sea is always warm…

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