How Much Does A Swimming Pool Fence Cost

Swimming pool fences are designed to block access to all entry points of a pool. Because of the variables involved in their design and the installation process, costs to have one set up in your backyard can be determined only after you know what you need and what will work with your budget. We at Katchakid are here to help you sort through the options available at .

The height of the fence all around

Fencing comes in heights of four or five feet, and what you need depends on your family. You may also need fencing to be installed at different elevations if you have steps or other features in your yard, which can increase the time and cost of installation.

Whether installation will have to include ground work

If you have dirt or an otherwise uneven surface surrounding your pool, we may need to install concrete to make the fencing more secure. This will affect how long our installation takes.

Using an existing structure as the start point for the safety fence

In order to lessen how many feet of a pool fences you will need to have installed, you can use a structure such as a fence on one end of your backyard or a wall of your home or garage to block off one end of the pool. This will decrease the costs for materials and for installation.

A key thing to keep in mind here is that the structure you use should be secure–so no one could jump over the fence or crawl through a window, for example. This type of set-up is called an A to B Pool Fence, whereas a fence that goes around the entire pool is called an Isolation Pool Fence. You can expect that forty to sixty feet of fencing will have to be used for the A to B design, and sixty to 120 feet could be used for the Isolation design.

The quality of the paint finishing that is used

Our double painted “hammertone” finish is more expensive and of higher quality than a single powder coat.

The level of customization you need

Depending on the layout of your backyard and some other factors, we may need to customize your fence in other ways than we have mentioned above.

Overall, your safety fence could cost as little as $1100 and as much as $1900. In addition, each foot of fencing will cost $20 at the most, and features such as a gate will also add about $400 to the total.

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