Everything You Need To Know About Natural Lawns

Commercial properties and public buildings need not be dull. Likewise, A private home can be a real source of creativity. A beautiful facade and a spectacular, synthetic turf go hand in hand. At Natural Lawns, The turf experts encourage such aesthetic expression. The artificial lawn is bound to turn eyes and become the neighbour’s envy.

  • Architectural beauty is a valuable asset for any property or home. The visual impact can be enhanced by choosing a delightful landscape.
  • The front, back, and side yards can be transformed for a striking view. The green carpeting shines forth and creates a stunning visual.
  • Synthetic turf is not a cheap or second-grade alternative. It is, in fact, a trusted fixture on hockey fields and sports arenas.
  • The green and shining blades of grass have a natural feel. The carpet is manufactured from plastic, polyester, nylon, jute, etc.,
  • The constituent materials are perfectly safe and cosy. The turf can be installed on commercial as well as residential properties.

Installation Tips –

  • Prepare the selected area by removing all the existing grass.
  • The surface should be levelled out without any obstacles.
  • After that, Install sand or tiny gravel up to 4 or 5 cm. thickness.
  • If there is paving or kerb, keep the gravel 1 to 2 cm. below the rim.
  • Spread a pressure cloth and cut it to size using a good knife.
  • Roll the carpet perpendicularly to the gravel or sand surface.
  • Cut out excessive turf along the borders, kerb, and pathways.
  • Follow the instructions to the tee while glueing to the surface.
  • Finally, Use a push broom to smooth out the grass bristles.
  • Or, Hire a landscape contractor for a durable play area.

No Pain, High Gain

Rumour mongers are well known for spreading disinformation. They deter buyers citing high price, labour costs and biodegradation. As a specialist in faux carpets, Natural Lawns allays these unfounded fears. In reality, The turf can be purchased and installed with relative ease. There is no need of maintenances. The material gets warm under direct sunlight, but it has unbeatable benefits too –

Consistent And Beautiful –

  • The green, grassy turf will retain and display consistent shine.
  • Aesthetic look does not fade or brighten with seasons.

Easy To Maintain –

  • The synthetic turf does not need water or fertilizers.
  • Save time and energy as lawn mowing is not required.
  • Use a broom to sweep away leaves, dirt, dust, or debris.

Eco-friendly Product –

  • Synthetic materials do not need toxic pesticides.
  • Customers save on water and electricity bills.
  • The artificial grass is perfectly recyclable or recycled.

To sum up, Natural Lawns ensures high-quality artificial lawns and there is no need of maintenances. A home or commercial property can be decorated with this green turf. The synthetic material has a bright, shiny quality. The landscaping feature takes on an aesthetic look with natural appeal, save your time and money. This eco-friendly turf is also easy to maintain and dust off. Hire a professional for a superior and more durable installation.

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