Know Your Kitchen Tiles

When you think of designing your house first thing which comes to your mind is your kitchen, and then the bathroom as both the places are equally important as well as hard to clean.

However, before selecting a material, you will need to decide what surface the tile will be applied on. Whether you want to place the tile as a backsplash behind a stove, wall, underside of the upper cabinets or on the countertop or kitchen floor and walls, you can do it. For this purpose, let’s know more about tiles.

Tiles have been used from ancient times to create detailed patterned floors and walls. 

The tiles come in limitless design, shapes and colors, which help in creating a lot of unique patterns on kitchen walls and floors. The tile is hard, durable, water-resistant and shrugs of stains, and it also looks equally beautiful. Kitchen tiles are different for walls,  floors and countertops. The flooring tiles are less glossy, and little rough, wall tiles are generally glossy and smooth, and glass tiles are used as a backsplash.

Types of Kitchen Tiles Flooring

Kitchen tiles for the floor are generally of three types: Porcelain, Ceramic and Stone.

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are the same; both of them are made up of clay mixture heated at high temperature to make hard, durable tiles. Both of these are either glazed or unglazed. However, there is some difference between them:

  • To make porcelain kitchen tiles, a little sand is added to the clay mixture and is made with heat, and it’s pressurized to produce a tile which is harder, denser than the regular ceramic floor tile. The unglazed porcelain tile is made by adding color to the clay mixture, which makes the color and pattern to be carried through the tile. 
  • This tile is perfect as any wear or scratches won’t show on it.
  • The glazed porcelain tile has a glass-like coating applied during firing to produce colored surface. They are delicate to handle and hence require special tools to get installed.

Ceramic kitchen tiles are also known as non- porcelain, it is softer than porcelain tile and glazing is done on it to create a hard surface of virtually any color. It can be cut easily, and its installation is also very easy.

Stone kitchen floor tiles are made from natural stone including slate, granite, limestone travertine and marble. These tiles are porous, and it needs to be refinished with a quality stone sealer every three years. The stone tile also needs to be polished or honed, which makes them look beautiful and traction free for years.

Nowadays, kitchen backsplash tiles are a fantastic creation to be put on the most used and essential rooms of the household. The backsplash is a material used to fill in the gaps on a kitchen or bathroom wall mostly between the cabinet and the countertop, covering the length of the countertop. With these kitchen tiles, you can make your kitchen floor and walls beautiful. Next, you need to fill the gaps between cabinets and countertops for which you should use kitchen backsplash tile, that helps in adding a splash of characters and making it fashionable. These backsplash tiles come in interesting textures, colors, designs and patterns.

To design your countertop, you can use any of the tiles as backsplash tiles like ceramic, porcelain cement, stone, marble and glass tiles.

What tile you want to install as your kitchen backsplash tiles depend on your choice, preference and budget, the price of the tile is determined according to the type of material and size which is priced by square foot? You can select marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles or you can also use stainless steel and natural stone which gives a wealth of warmth to kitchen space.

A glass tile can also be used to give a lighter look to your kitchen and complement any style. All this selection can work smoothly if you know what you want and how you want to style your kitchens.

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