Can I Clean And Organize My House In 10 Minutes?

Ten minutes is too much of a time to waste. Have you ever in your lifetime imagined you could clean off the mess in your house and get the rooms organized in less than 10 minutes? I am sure you haven’t, and if you did, you weren’t 100% sure. Now, lets me take you through the ten minutes journey to getting your room de-cluttered and organized. You may follow up GT cleaning service  to get more tips and tricks.

Sweep through the Rooms First 

Sweep through the rooms in 3 minutes.  Get a plastic bin, pretty box or basket to keep all the dirty laundry, toys and excess shoes. Get the mags and stash books organized smartly in your coffee table drawer. Clear the kitchen counter and ensure you load the dishwasher. Sweep around these rooms swiftly before you move on to the next cleaning task. Make your bed to make it look more decent and toss read magazines. Get the furniture, lampshades, and bulbs dusted with a microfiber cloth.

Getting everything Organized in the Bathroom 

Take three more minutes to get everything in the bathroom organized. Get the toiled flushed, close the lid, wipe the counters, replace the tows, and then close the shower curtain.  Provide enough kitchen and dining room lines. Clean the bathroom’s floor and walks to keep it looking smart and decent.

Get Everything in the Kitchen Cleaned

In the following three minutes, get the kitchen organized. Clean and wipe the counters and tables. Remove all the garbage. Wash the dishes and get them prearranged well. Use the best smelling disinfectant when cleaning the kitchen area.

By now, you have only one minute left, get yourself organized. Comb your hair and do everything that will make you look better.

How to Make Everything Smell and look better 

  • Keep fresh bar soap in your bathroom. It will cultivate a pleasant smelling environment for all.
  • Hang everything well. Get pegs and hooks installed in the entryways.  That will make it possible for your loved ones or guests to hand their coats on the hooks.
  • Don’t use smelly perfumes. Not everyone loves smelly environments. Some people are usually allergic to some fragrances. So avoid using incredibly smelly perfumes to keep your rooms smelling better. Instead, consider using air conditioning perfumes as they will make your rooms smell better.
  • Keep everything in place. Don’t hurry up to an extent you will leave some things wrongly hanged or placed around the house.

It’s good to understand that there is so much to organizing a home, but if you’re smart, it won’t take you more than ten minutes to get everything organized. The tips outlined here will give you a comfortable time organizing your rooms and making them look and feel better. For those extremely busy to do their household cleaning, you should get a professional cleaning service . They will get things sorted out in a professional and efficient manner. They will do it within the shortest time possible, giving you enough time to handle your other more important issues.

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  1. Reading this post was really fun. A house cannot be cleaned and organized in 10 minutes unless it is extremely small or you have an army of people to help. Even then, it would likely take longer than 10 minutes. There are simply too many tasks involved in cleaning and organizing a house to complete in such a short amount of time. Thanks a lot, Awesome stuff!

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