How To Deal With Blue Screen Error In Windows XP

Blue screen error is one of the major problems faced by Windows XP. Blue screen error may cause loss of data from the system. Thus the problem must be solved properly to avoid any further problems. The blue screen error can be of two types. In one type the system can be started. And in the second type, the system itself does not get started. There are some easy steps to how to resolve blue screen error in Windows XP. These steps are easy, and one who is not that tech-savvy can also go for them to resolve this issue. Just have a look at these steps and see if it resolves the problem. 

In case the computer can get started

If the computer is able to get started after the blue screen error appears on the screen, then the user must first go to “My Computer.” Then he has to the right click on the icon named “Properties.” Now he must go to the advanced tab in properties. Then he must visit the startup and recovery. There he must search for the real reason for the blue screen error to appear in the system. There is an icon System Failure. In this System Failure section, there is an option “Automatically restart.” The option must be unchecked. After this, the computer must be restarted.

The computer is unable to start after the blue screen error

It may happen that the computer is not being able to start after the blue screen error. In this case, the user must first press the F8 key to boot the computer. This will lead to the advanced options menu. In the advanced menu option, the user must click on ‘Disable automatic restart on system failure.’ Then Windows XP must be selected as the operating system of the computer. Then press enter. The error message for blue screen error will appear. Make a note of the message along with the error code. This will most probably help in solving the problem of blue screen error. The solution to the blue screen error depends on the code provided. If the user does not have technical knowledge, then the expert technician must be called to solve this problem.

There are many technical supporting companies which help in providing help for any technical problems that may hamper the computer usage. These teams have expert engineers who first try to solve the problems over the phone. Then if the problem is still not resolved, then they send the experts to the user’s place and solve the problem as soon as possible. However, it is always suggested to call the manufacturing company of the company in case any problem is being faced. They will provide the user with the most authentic solution. They will be able to solve the problem in the best possible manner. And in case the system still does not work properly, they will change the device.  Just contact them and see what they have for you.

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