Factors To Consider When Choosing A Printing Online Service

There are individuals as well as corporate owners, who do not really have their own printing machines that can be used to print out good quality certificates, business cards, invitations, post cards, brochures, pamphlets and posters to name a few. It’s not that big companies cannot afford to buy one or hire a staff to manage this, but let’s say that this is not their priority and they trust other firms with such services, which made them depend on it. Well, this is an advantage to the both small and big printing companies, anyway.

However, it is a trend nowadays, to deal with such services online, just like what the Sundae Print offers to various individuals and establishments from different places. Actually, what’s really bothering is on how to deal with such transactions online, knowing the fact that there are a lot of scammers behind these great publications on the screen, doing this for the first time might even worry you. I guess, you have to be very meticulous in choosing who to trust here, to avoid getting fooled and losing your money without even receiving your orders after paying them.

Things like this is already expected to happen, if you will not be careful with the people, whom you want to make transactions with. I know that having to deal with them may even be a part of your job, so you should make sure that it will come on time, since you also have deadlines to meet. But again, learn a few factors that may be able to help you find and choose the right firm, which can provide your needs as a client or consumer. 


Consumers have a wide range of needs, and you know this very well. Therefore, you should be able to provide such options tailored to their specific orders, especially when your customers are your priority.

As owners or managers of this kind of business, you should have options to choose from. For example, there must be sizes of paper, number of copies, color variety, quality and kind of paper – go to  and see how you can choose a paper for brochures. 

Customer Reviews

Since you are aiming to do this project with companies online, you should be able to find customer reviews, comments and testimonies on their official website. These are supposed to be posted for target customers to read because this will serve as a basis, to know how consumers are treated. This is just one factor that you should consider, anyway.

But it is very important for the websites to be transparent, since consumers may be needing information from the previous customers. Clients have the right to know about the company, whether it is a negative or positive write up. What matters most is being transparent for the readers to know how things are managed.


It is very important to provide customer support via post mail, email, live chat and phone call. Through this way, the consumers will be able to communicate with the printing company, regarding their orders. Therefore, all forms of communication must be published on the official website with the corresponding schedule or availability of the customer care representatives.

Remember that clients may have to inquire about their orders, especially when it is expected to arrive, but was not delivered on the said date. Sometimes, wrong orders may be received or there is something wrong with the softcopy. Such concerns may come at instant, so they should know when, where or how to file complaints.

In this kind of business, communication must be strictly utilized to keep a good relationship with the consumers. Through consistent interaction, you will be able to prevent miscommunication and spreading of fake news, especially when you have to face serious issues. Therefore, make sure to find firms with open lines for better transactions and more work in the future.


You should be able to find an online printing company, which is being transparent when it comes to their pricing. This is to show your target viewers how consistent you are about the prices of every service. When you are not transparent with the fees, then you will just take much of the client’s time, since they will have to send you a message to ask for it and you also need to wait for the response.

To be transparent with the prices of the services that are offered is a good practice – learn more how this benefits you. In my opinion, all companies must do the same, so that they can earn long-term clients. When this happens, you will be able to earn more customers, make a brand and increase sales as well.


You should find a firm that offers delivery services, too, for your convenience. Let’s say that you are from a distance and the time it will take you to reach the office of the printing company is more than 10 hours, which is just a one way trip. Now, if you were the client, will you travel that far just to take your order personally?

I guess, you will prefer to choose another one, especially, if delivery service is provided. Of course, there would be an additional fee for this, since your order cannot travel on its own. It has to be shipped immediately to meet the deadline.

Pretty sure that the consumers will appreciate it, if you can simply ship the orders, as long as the shipping fee will be transparent. If you are going to expedite this, then it would be okay, though it will be more expensive. But again, there should be options, whether it will be delivered via special or ordinary shipping.


It would be great, if you can find centers online that comes with some perks or freebies, such as downloadable resources like photo editors and desktop publishers, which can help you in designing or drafting your projects. Pretty sure that they also have templates ready for use.

These are just simple tools, but it would be a relief when it is already offered for free. I know that we are not all skilled, so it is good, to have those freebies for newbies.

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