Helpful Tips When Buying Your First Road Bike

Buying a road bike when you are from Malaysia can be intimidating when you have hundreds of choices to choose from. You cannot just buy something just because you like the look. There are a couple of things that you need to consider when purchasing your first road bike.

With the help of the internet these days, you can now do online buy road bikes from the comforts of your home. No need to visit a store just to find the right one for you. Remember that road bikes are built to be light. So do not be surprised when you see how lightweight they are. Here are the important tips that you can do and also what to look for when buying your road bike.

How To Choose The Right Road Bike 

The bike types, the materials, as well as the other components should be considered when you are searching the web for road bikes that you can purchase from Malaysia. But before searching the web, you first need to determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Once you have that figured out, you can start looking at your options.

  • The Frame Materials. This is the most important part of the road bike that you should look into when searching online. This is where most of your budget goes. There are different types of materials used. There are steel, aluminum, titanium and also carbon fiber.
  • Choosing The Right Size For Your Body Frame. Remember, not all bikes are built for you. This is why choosing the right bike size is very important. Never go for a bike that is too small or too large for you. Choose the correct size depending on your height and build.
  • Consider The Components. Bike components go by groupsets. This is a collection of the brake and the gear parts that are matched to its quality and function.
  • The Wheels. The wheels and tires make the bike. This will have a huge influence on how the bike feels and how it responds. The lighter wheels with a lesser rotating mass are much easier to spin up. This will feel more responsive.

Malaysia Road Bikes

There are plenty of online stores who are selling a complete road bike and bike parts as well. USJ Cycles is one of the most trusted online stores in Malaysia. Here, you will be able to find bikes for men and women. They also have the 2018 road bikes from the most popular brands worldwide. They have the best brands which include Giant, Specialized, Cube, as well as Marin and Fuji. they always have limited time offers from their wide selection of top of the line road bikes.

Finding the best road bike that would fit you is not that hard when you know where to look. USJ Cycles is one of Malaysia’s “go to” website when it comes to road bikes. So if you are looking for a road bike that would just be within your budget but of high quality, take a look at USJ Cycles website first before going through your other options.

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