How To Know If You Really Need An ESTA To Travel To The US?

Travelling overseas from any place of the world to some other countries definitely requires some documents in the form of passports, visas etc. Also there are certain formalities and security checks that passengers or travellers need to undertake so as to travel freely without facing any problems to other destined countries. ESTA is also one such requirement or security check that has been mandated by the governments of US for certain countries falling under the Visa Waiver Program. Though ESTA has been put into practice since long time however most people still remain dubious about it and they always question do I need an ESTA before travelling to US. Well, we are providing here under some points that may clear your doubts regarding sure attainment of an ESTA for your travel to US.

Mandatory for travellers under Visa Waiver Program

Of course, you certainly need to obtain an ESTA if you are travelling to US from a Visa Waiver Program country. It means the answer to the question do I need an ESTA is yes for all those who belong to or are travelling from the countries falling under Visa Waiver Program to US. You will be denied travel and entry into US in case you haven’t acquired an ESTA before travelling.

Compulsory for people of all age groups

Many people wonder if children are exempted from ESTA under the Visa Waiver Program. But you will be astonished to know that you need to get an ESTA for your children as well if they are also travelling with you to US from a VWP country. In simple words, it is equally compulsory for people of all age groups as well as genders.

Required for transit through US as well

Yet another point to note about importance of an ESTA is that you need to apply for and get an ESTA approved even if you are transiting through US to some other destination. Again you certainly need to have an ESTA if you are just heading to some other country or destination via US.

Mandatory for all those who disembark from other countries

Even if you disembark from some other country and have a valid British passport, you still need an ESTA. It is because ESTA is an additional security check that keeps all the concerned officials and other people assured about your legal and valid travelling to US. Again you get an answer as yes to do I need an ESTA even if you come ashore from other countries and are a British passport holder.

ESTA is required with a new passport as well

Since ESTA is granted in the form of a travel authorisation to all the travellers desirous of travelling across US or transit through it therefore it is mandatory to get the same in case you have got a new passport. It means you need to get a new and fresh ESTA with a new passport.

These are all some basic or common conditions under which attainment and acquisition of an ESTA is surely required.

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