Knowing The Procedure Of Pin Brazing For Catholic Protection

Pin brazing is a metallurgically easy and safe procedure of creating electrical connections to different metallic structures like ductile iron and steel pipelines that need to be earthed electrically or protected cathodically. Pin brazing mechanism has several advantages in comparison to the alternative mechanisms. Equipment maintenance and operator training in this procedure should be of the highest standards. Prior to understanding the procedure of pin brazing for cathodic protection, it is important for you to understand what is cathodic protection. Let us have a look below.

Cathodic Protection

It is the method of preventing metal surfaces from corrosion by making the surfaces the cathode of a specific electrochemical cell. Cathodic protection is used for protecting large metal formation from corrosion. Cathodic protection mechanisms are generally used for the protection of fuel and water pipelines steel pier piles, steel, storage tanks, onshore oil well casings, offshore oil platforms and ships. It is one of the most effective methods of preventing stress corrosion cracking. Pin brazing for cathodic protection involves attaching electrical cable connection over joints. As has already been mentioned, cathodic protection helps in controlling the corrosion of metal surfaces by transforming the surfaces into the cathode of electrochemical cells. Consisting of some of the most important units needed for offering safe and secure cable connections, pin brazing makes the entire task quite easier. Pin brazing also works in the form of a welding generator or power source in cases where many connections are required to be made at one place like lay barges or pipe coating yards.

The Pin Brazing Procedure

The pin brazing procedure is mainly based ion electric-arc silver soldering by making use of a pin brazing element which is a hollow pin containing flux and solder. This is a well-designed mechanism for the joints found between the installations of sacrificial anodes, bonding zinc bracelets to the offshore pipelines and in insulated pipe sections. The system offers great mechanical strength, fast and easy installation and low resistance. There are multiple connections needed for the anode cables and measuring posts within cathodic protection mechanism. Pin brazing is one of the ideally suited mechanisms for cathodic protection.

There are a number of advantages of pin brazing for cathodic protection. The entire pin brazing procedure is quite fast and it does not take much time for creating connections. Thermal effects on metal are kept to the minimum because of short brazing time and low melting pint of the solder. This system works in almost all weather conditions. Cold, rain and wind do not serve as obstacles for the operators from working effectively and safely. There are no problems posed even with damp conditions. This is an easy to use mechanism where operators can easily be trained in using and maintaining different tools and equipment effectively in not more than an hour. All the equipment used in this system are portable in nature meaning that the connections can easily be made at any location below or above the ground. Looking into the advantages of this system, it can rightly be said that pin brazing is the right mechanism for making great connections.

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