Micro Cement: Redefining The Floor, With Finish And Décor

If you desire unique and seamless concrete finish at residential places or commercial ones and when there is a need of something which has high abrasive resistance, micro cement is the thing you need. It can be applied on ceramics, tiles and other stable surfaces both ways, internally and externally.

Cement based coating which the micro cement London provides to concrete floors and walls gives them an attractive finish and doesn’t burden your pocket too much because of its low maintenance nature.

Some features worth a look to have that perfection for your place

  • The thickness of the coating varies from 2-3mm. Because of its waterproof and washable characteristics it is ideal for usage in bathroom to give it a luxurious look. With variety of options in colour and numerous design patterns, it gives you number of choices to pick one for yourself.
  • It is scratch and stain resistant as well as the last layer of polyurethane enables it for having extremely smooth cleaning and maintenance.
  • Finish and appearance after the use of micro cement London looks classy and unique and the different types of finish options like polished & waxed, semi-polished, pitted, rugged, raked etc give you a customized texture and feel so you can have exactly what you want, no scope for compromising on anything.

For the floor works rough/pitted finish in charcoal grey or anthracite colour is a common preference in places like restaurants, coffee shops etc.  Micro cement London is slowly replacing the traditional tilling and hard flooring as people prefer it more over the conventional flooring because of the durability and better appearance it provides when applied to a surface.

It doesn’t involve the use of any heavy equipment for applying it on surface, hand and trowel is just sufficient for this purpose.

But while for getting the work done using micro cement make sure you go for a trusted and reliable company who does this job and offers good service right from the purchase to the installation work completion. Another added advantage is that you don’t need to spend extra on getting the existing flooring removed, micro cement London can be coated over it simply but just you have to manage the height of your doors getting shortened and  the coat gets settled really quick which means you can walk over it the very next day.  The crafty nature of micro cement works require real skill and expertise and unlike materials like marble and wood, floorings and walls made of micro cement are pretty soothing to eyes in appearance.

Now it’s been long that your wooden, marble flooring was the trending thing to have in your house or office, as the times change so do the trends and a wise decision is always to flow with the flow and hence don’t hesitate in trying out micro cement. It is a complete value for money option and easy to maintain makes it adorable and even closer to being a perfect choice.

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