Now Is The Time To Use Self Storage To Store Your Documents

Paper documents are pretty annoying at the best of times, filling up desk space, getting lost, filling up the office bin. At the worst of times they fill up huge filing cabinets which in turn take up loads of space in the office, which is rather expensive in current times when we’re all paying over the odds per square foot of rental. Self storage is the ideal way to store your paperwork. Stop using expensive office space to store filing cabinets today, and opt for cheap self storage. Your business will benefit.

Boxes, filing cabinets and cupboards with years worth of files and paperwork are using up space in offices, space that could be used in many other productive ways. Space which could be used for extra retail space, storage space for stock, staff recreation or office space – the list is endless. In a digital era, you might think paper is not a problem any more, but unfortunately the switch from paper to digital is a long way off yet for most companies. Even if new systems are digital, there are still years worth of paper document archives which cannot be destroyed because of data protection, or because it has not yet been scanned and uploaded onto a digital system.

What To Do With Your Excess Paperwork

So, we know there’s a problem with excess paperwork, but what to do with all of it? Recycling is great, but the issue is that you can’t get rid of paperwork because you either still need it, or have to keep it because of data protection laws. The answer is of course, self storage. Cheap self storage provides you with various different sized units that can accommodate paperwork amounts of any size. You can organise these with your own access requirements in mind. Some self storage units have deep storage, or scanning systems in place which you can use to quickly access documents. Businesses that would benefit from storing excess paperwork in this way would be:

  • Businesses with high office rental costs
  • People who work from home
  • Those in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical facilities – GP surgeries, hospitals etc
  • Large businesses with a high amount of paperwork
  • Small businesses who need to use every inch of office space

Keeping Documents Secure

Because of data protection laws you must ensure you keep your documents in a high security self storage unit. Before you invest in storage space, speak to the storage facility owner about the security of the units. They will be more than aware of the demand for units and facilities secure enough to house sensitive documents and will be able to tell you if their facility is suitable. Check with your insurer and legal adviser if you are unsure.

With the right level of research and enquiries, you will be able to find yourself the right storage unit for your paperwork, so you can start benefitting from every square inch of your business space.

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