Porcelain Tile Flooring & Pets

Porcelain tiles are a top choice when it comes to flooring. For people with pets, it is particularly attractive as a choice and in this article we explain why this is.

Porcelain tiles are a popular choice when it comes to flooring. They can be applied to both indoor and outdoor projects. Porcelain is also very durable, lasts for a long time and is also ideal for pets. If you own a pet you will know that flooring is very important. Here are just a few reasons porcelain tiles and pets are a match made in heaven:


Pets can have accidents, there’s no getting around it. Whatever the accident is, it can stain, particularly if the surface is carpet or a porous tile. A properly sealed porcelain tile is extremely easy to wipe clean and a much easier to maintain surface that ceramic floor tiles or natural stone. Simple spray the cleaning solution on the accident, wipe it up and dry or let it air dry. No mess, no fuss. Muddy paw prints, dropped pet food, hairballs and other mess can be easily cleaned making the surface easy to keep stain free.


Because you can clean porcelain tiles to easily, and they are not porous when properly sealed, the environment your tiles are in remains clean and hygienic. This is so important when it comes to food preparation areas, and homes with children.


Animals can be smelly, and porcelain tiles can’t change how the animal smells. However, the quick removal of accidents and non-porous properties of the tiles means that accident smells don’t sink in, so you won’t get any musty animal smells from the flooring.


Animals, especially dogs can scuff certain types of flooring with their nails. Your porcelain flooring won’t scuff as easily as other types of flooring and will stand up to your pooches sharp nails. Any small scratches or marks that might occur will likely not be noticeable with the correct texture and colour of tile.

Shedding Isn’t An Issue

Shedding hair is very easy to sweep up from a tile, ensuring you don’t need a super strong hoover to pick up all of the pet’s fur. For animals that shed a lot, it is a good idea to pick a tile that does not contrast with their fur colour, to keep the hairs less obvious between sweeps.

It Can Be Slip-Resistant

You can purchase slip-resistant tiles if you are concerned that your pets or children might slip on the flooring. So you can be assured you can benefit from all the ease of a porcelain tile, whilst keeping everyone safe at the same time.


Porcelain tile is extremely durable. So if you have various pets and children running around on the surface, as long as it is well maintained it will stay looking beautiful for a long time.

Porcelain Tile Is Practical & Beautiful

Porcelain tile is beautiful, versatile and will look stunning in any setting. It is a phenomenal choice for all homes, but particularly those with pets who want an easy-clean, durable, attractive flooring surface.

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