Organisation Of Data In Economics

You can now learn the different concepts of Economics with the help of online classes. When you want to get individual coaching for the different chapters in Economics subject, you can get in touch with reputed institutions that offer such services for CBSE class 11 curriculum. This will help you in many ways, and you will be able to get better marks in the exams when you have the best tutorials and professional guidance from experts in the industry. The clarity of fundamental concepts and their implementation must be clear in your mind which is possible only with the help of proper coaching. If the basics are unclear, there may be a problem in further all the aspects of the concerned concept which can be difficult for understanding at a later stage also.

Different aspects of organizing data

The third chapter deals with this concept, and you will be introduced to different aspects of statistical terms. It is very important to organize the data according to the prescribed guidelines as this will help you to make proper sense of the data, and you will be able to present them in the suitable format. You can easily identify the different aspects of data when it is organized in the appropriate format. This chapter deals with the collection of data in the suitable format and organizing them according to the proper rules of Economics.

In the beginning, the CBSE class 11 economics chapter 3 deals with the collection of data in the original format which is also known as raw data or source data. In the real world, whatever data you will be able to collect about the different statistics will be in an unorganized format, and you have to initially collect them in the original format. Once this is accomplished, you can move ahead and classify the data according to the type of data, and this will help you to segregate them into the appropriate format. After this, it becomes easy to analyze the data according to the prescribed guidelines.

In this regard, you have to have a proper understanding of variables that form an important parameter to organize the data. You have to understand that these variables are classified into different segments according to the process in which they were collected. For this reason, you have to mention the exact source of data, and this underlines the importance of collecting raw data in the initial stages.

Finally, the class XI economics chapter 3 deals with the concept of the frequency distribution. This includes the details about the methods involved in preparing the frequency distribution that will arrange the data and the variables in the appropriate format. After this, the next stage deals with determining the number of classes and the size of each class in the arrangement of data. There are different methods involved with determining the class limits and obtaining the frequency for each class. In the end, you can even get the complete summary of this chapter, and this will help you to revise them whenever required in future.

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