Printed Plastic Cards And Key Fobs

Printed plastic cards can enjoy many different uses. They can be used as the ideal membership card or loyalty card and they can be used as access cards for specific rooms or for entire buildings. This can negate the need to remember membership numbers or carry work keys. For even greater convenience, plastic key fobs can be attached to your key ring or they can be placed inside a purse, wallet, bag, or other container.

Magnetic strips and magnetic encoding allow for quick and easy swiping. Whether you run a film rental service or are offering a keyless entry system to your employees and others that need access to a particular building or room you can offer a simple and affordable system. What’s more, each card can be encoded individually or by group so that you can offer different access levels to different card holders.

Key fobs are just one variety of printed plastic cards and there are many other styles available. Cards can be printed that are the same size, thickness, and even weight as a credit card but when you need something even smaller and more convenient, key fobs are the ideal choice and can be placed on car keys, home keys, or in the wallet or purse.

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