Should You Ever Pay For Smart Debit Protection?

Of course there are debit cards and credit cards issued by banks for the use of clients towards making various kinds of payments. The debit cards are used for the purpose of cash withdrawal through automated teller machines; towards making payments for purchases through point of sale and for many other applications namely; electronic ticket booking; mobile recharge and many more.

In the case of credit cards, since the credit amount is restricted, the clients cannot avail the services more than the prescribed limit.

On the other hand, the organizations which are using credit cards to their clients are finding out difficulty in recovering the amount due from their clients. In the same lines, small business organizations are in a position to recover the amount due from their clients when the products and services are sold to them on credit basis.

At present on account of availability of direct debit services from Smart Debit, organizations can very well forget the time consumed towards recurring payment services, expensive credit card payments and unrealized standing orders. The small business organizations can use the services offered by Smart Debit as a relief to their erstwhile collection issues. Organizations are in a position to improve their cash inflow apart from having control  over collection issues.

Why direct debit services?

In fact taking care of the finances is found to be a tricky business and when the individuals and organizations are busy with many other activities, they may forget to effect monthly, weekly and any other regular payments to be made for various utility services namely; telephone, rent for the premises, tax payments, wealth and property tax, subscriptions, water charges, annual maintenance charges in respect of equipments and infrastructure in time and Smart Debit takes care of all these responsibilities through their direct debit services and the payments are made in time.

How the payments are made?

The client enters into contract with Smart Debit and the details of various payment obligations are provided to them in advance along with the details of dates on which the payments are to be effected. Smart Debit using their tracking system notifies the clients one week in advance about the payments due for the current week with instructions to the client to provide sufficient funds in the account towards effecting payments and on the due dates the accounts of clients are debited and the payments are made as scheduled without any delay.

How Direct debit is beneficial?

When the clients are in a position to effect regular payments to their clients for various purposes, they are in a position to establish sufficient manpower towards following up and effecting regular payments. In fact this exercise is found to be costly and time consuming and once the responsibilities are entrusted to Smart Debit, they get enough protection for their entire payments and timely payments are executed through direct debit services. The business organizations are in a position to spend meager amount while executing this exercise.

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