Respiratory Problem Faced In Pregnancy


Respiration is one of the most important function that is done by every human being. This system is almost responsible for all the human as well as other mammals living on the land for being alive. Thus the system is very much required for the breathing procedure of the body. For a people to live everybody says that three things are most important that is the food, water and shelter. Food to eat which will give the energy to our body. The main source of ATP. Water, as without water no life can survive. And last but not the least shelter. Every person ought to live in a home which is called as the shelter. It can be said that home or shelter us a sort of protective shelter for every human being. But another important element without which we cannot survive is the air. We breathe in air. Air contains different gases each having different amount. Roughly the composition of the air can be Nitrogen (N2) – 78%, Oxygen (O2) – 21%, Argon (Ar) – 0.9% and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – 0.03%. Out of these the most important is oxygen. Without oxygen our body cannot survive a minute. Respiratory system deals with the intake of oxygen and also the output of other gases those are not required for the body.

Pregnancy and Respiration

Pregnancy and respiratory problems are very much common these days. Pregnancy forces a lot of changes in woman’s body. It might affect the woman’s body or might not. However pregnancy will surely change many condition in the body of the woman. A baby during his or her gestation remains in the womb being connected to the mother through and through. It takes all the possible nutrients from the mother for its living for nine long months. The mother and the baby shares same oxygen, same food, same air as well as same blood. Apart from that they are also connected to the mother’s body with an umbilical cord. And even during delivery, when the cord is detached a sign remains in the body of the baby. Although it is a very beautiful process but those changes in the body constitution can affect a woman. To survive these changes is the most important challenge for a woman. Pregnancy respiratory disorder is mainly due to change in the physical constitutional change. The diaphragm movement becomes constricted due to the heavy and full uterus that causes the breathing problem.

Breathing Problem in Pregnancy

It is found that in many cases we the mothers are suffering from bronchial asthma. Bronchial asthma can occurs also occurs if a mother has a familial history of this disease. However medicines are available for the treatment of bronchial asthma. Therefore doctors should be consulted before taking those medicines. Breathing problem also occurs due to the heaviness felt in the body during the later stages. And also due to the contraction because of the secretion of the hormones.

Dos and Don’ts

The affected patients are advised to keep distance from animals, dust particles and other pollutions that will aggravate this effects

Natural method

Yoga and different other breathing exercise is very much helpful for the patients. As it prepares the body from inside.

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  1. Respiratory issues during pregnancy can be concerning. Shortness of breath, congestion, or asthma exacerbation may arise due to hormonal changes and increased lung pressure. It’s crucial for expecting mothers to consult healthcare providers promptly. Proper management, gentle exercises, and maintaining a healthy environment can alleviate symptoms and ensure a smoother journey through this vital phase of life. These tips are great! Thanks for sharing such helpful content. I’m really happy I found your awesome blog.

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