Signs Denote The Requirement For AC Repair And Service

Doesn’t your AC work properly? Keep in mind, your air conditioning system definitely shows some signs before the breakdown. Addressing the AC problem as soon as possible will prevent the breakdown of AC. It will save money and increase the efficiency of AC.

Blowing Hot Air

If the air conditioning system is blowing hot air, it might be due to a broken compressor. However, it can be due to a refrigerant leak. Both these things can be fixed and this will save your money if you address the problem on time.

Moisture Near The System

When you notice moisture around the air conditioning system, you will surely have the problem with your AC. However, this is not a minor issue such as blocking the drain tube and so on. It is not some kind of emergency but needs to be fixed on time as moisture provides the right kind of surroundings for the mold growth. Moisture can be due to refrigerant leak also. So, AC service will help you with the situation.

Unusual Smells

A pungent and strong smell refers to the wire insulation in the AC system has been burnt and it must be replaced. This musty smell is the sign of mold and this can put the health of the family at risk.

Unusual Sounds

When you start noticing the sound coming from the AC system, it must be addressed. One should not hear any kind of grating, squealing, grinding and any other loud sound. As soon as you start noticing these sounds, call the AC repair to fix the issue.

High Humidity

Air condition just pulls the humidity from the environment of the inside of your home. If you feel sticky air inside the room, then it’s the time you get the service done.

AC Service Maintenance Checklist

  • Condenser Coil: Dirty condenser coil increases the pressure of the refrigerant and it will increase the bill.
  • Refrigerant Charge: High and low refrigerant does not get noticed soon and as a result operation costs increases by 30%. An improper charge will result in compressor shutdown.
  • Safeties: If all the controls, as well as safeties of the AC, does not function in the proper manner, then operation cost will surely get increased and it will result in failure of other components of the AC.
  • Contractor and Relays are cleaned and inspected. Loose wire connections may lead to compressor and motor failure.
  • Crankcase Heater is operationally inspected.
  • Temperature and pressures are taken and recorded.
  • Capacitors are tested as the bad capacitors result in motor and compressor failure.
  • The overheated disconnect can be dangerous. It will blow fuses.
  • Worn pulleys and loose belts lead to a decrease in air flow and an increase in operating costs. All these things will shorten the life of the compressor.
  • The restricted air filter will result in wasted energy and will shorten the life of the compressor.
  • The improperly calibrated thermostat will cause the unit to run for a longer time.

Sooner you call for the AC service, lesser the chance of system break down.

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