Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Living in a small property can hinder your capacity for hobbies and sports. Here we look at ways you can live in a compact home, and still enjoy sports. 

Sports are something a lot of people like to enjoy, in all seasons. Some sports like football, rugby or tennis don’t require any large, bulky equipment, but a lot of sports do. That isn’t such an issue if you live in a large property with plenty of storage space, but it is tricky if you live in a house share or a small property. 

Renting Equipment

There is of course the option of renting equipment if you want to go skiing once for the year, or on one surfing course, however there are lots of issues with renting including:

  • The cost – it costs so much money to rent equipment every time you plan to enjoy a sport. If you know you will be doing the sport a lot, the rentals definitely add up. 
  • Getting it out of season – certain equipment you can get all year round, or all season, but some equipment like surfboard and wetsuit hire you can’t. Some businesses shut down at the quieter times of the year which restricts when you can go and enjoy the sport. 
  • Getting other people’s used goods – as great as rental equipment is, it will be a bit battered and bruised because loads of other people have hired it out before you. 
  • It isn’t personal – the wetsuits will never quite fit as well as one you searched for to get the perfect fit and feel. Plus, you can’t always choose the style you like, which makes a big difference sometimes when it comes to how much you enjoy the sport. 

Using Cheap Self Storage

When it comes to sports, there is every reason a personal self storage unit could help you. Inexpensive storage (with collection and delivery options) are available from companies such as Cambridge Self Storage. Some useful storage tips and key benefits are:

  • You don’t have to take wet equipment or dirty equipment home
  • No need to sacrifice precious space in your room or home
  • Expensive equipment will be secure and protected at the unit, possibly more than at home if you have a house share
  • You can store as much equipment as you want  as long as you’re happy to pay for the space to keep it. Self storage is always flexible so, there’s no restriction on how many pieces of sports equipment you can have
  • The equipment will not be exposed to changes in environment like it might be in your home
  • You get to enjoy the sports you want to without having to worry about the equipment that comes with it
  • You have access to the equipment whenever you want it
  • You don’t have to pay out for rentals forever

Realistically, small homes or house shares just don’t suit big bulky sports equipment, but that is no reason to miss out on the enjoyment, health benefits and social aspect of taking part in sports. If you do live in a place where space is at a premium, consider investing in some cheap self storage so that you can have the freedom to purchase sports equipment and enjoy the sports you love, without having to worry about where to put the equipment.

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