Five Benefits Of Local Self Storage

There are lots of self storage franchises to choose from, but that doesn’t mean bigger is better. Here we look at the more local self-storage companies and why they are a good choice. 

Both domestic users and companies are reaching out for self storage offerings because it is so beneficial. The problem is, you have to choose between the bigger companies and the smaller companies, which can be really tricky. Below we will look at the benefits of a locally owned facility, because they really don’t get the kudos they deserve compared to their larger competitors: 

Let’s get personal

It is all well and good walking into a storage facility, getting access to your stuff and leaving, with not so much as a nod to the staff. But, wouldn’t it be that bit nicer to know the staff? To be able to say ‘Hi, how are you?’ to the receptionist who’s been there since you started using the facility. Anonymity is of course a better choice for some, but for others, a good relationship with those they come into contact with is something to be valued and something you can gain from a local, family owned storage facility. 

Trusting the people caring for your stuff

Your stuff is looked after by the people who own the facility. Sure, Kate on the desk isn’t directly guarding your Grandma’s furniture, and Darren in D block doesn’t watch your unit after dark to check for intruders, but, the people running the unit are responsible for your stuff. The way they care for the unit, care for their customers and care about the business makes a difference to you and your stuff. With a local facility you can get to know the people running the show, and know exactly who is caring for your stuff, and whether or not you feel you can trust them. 

Quality of service

Larger facilities need to provide a more standardised product in order to make money. They sell to you cheaper with a rinsed down quality of service. Local facilities however are likely to have a much more refined, high quality product to sell to you. They might charge more, but it will be for a more comprehensive, personalised, high quality service. 

Caring for the facility

Temp A and B working at the big chain storage facility will not care if there is a cobweb in the corner, or if your storage keypad isn’t working as it should. They have no connection to the business, they really don’t care about it, they just do as they are told. A local facility however, comes with pride in the business. Painting walls that look a bit shabby, cleaning the corridors, dusting the corners – this all comes with a pride in a product directly connected to the people running it. 

Make The Right Choice

Regardless of whether you do go for a local or chain-run facility, do remember to take your time making your choice. Your possessions matter, and the right unit will enable you to feel safe in the knowledge your possessions are secure when they are stored there. 

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