The Benefits Of Green Dry Cleaning

Whether it be for their jobs or lifestyle many people use dry cleaning services on a regular basis. While many clothing pieces are tagged as dry clean only because it is the best way to care for those particular materials there are many consumers who find the chemicals used in dry cleaning services problematic. As green living and cleaning grow in popularity more and more individuals are choosing green as the only option for their dry cleaning needs.

As more consumers are opting to go green there are dry cleaning companies that have made the switch deciding to use environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternatives in their cleaning solutions. If you live in Vancouver finding a green Kitsilano dry cleaner is a great step in the right direction offering both environmental and health benefits. You no longer have to worry about harmful ingredients and there are many rewards to moving toward greener living.

Goodbye Toxic Chemicals

Everyday consumers are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the harm caused to both the body and the planet from toxic and often carcinogenic ingredients found in many cleaning products. When switching to a dry cleaner that uses safe and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and solutions you are ridding your personal world of harmful chemicals that may present a health risk to all those who come in contact with them. This is a positive choice.

Creating a Greener Home

By filling your dry cleaning needs with a company that has made the progressive decision to put the needs of the environment and their clients first you are taking a step toward making your home a greener one. Not only does this protect you but it also removes the concern of having toxic ingredients around any children or pets you may have. It is becoming increasingly common for consumers to buy environmentally friendly household products and this adds to this decision.

Better for the Planet

As the implications of climate change and the number of toxins affecting our environment becomes more apparent it is a good idea to start making choices that help to counteract the damage that has already been done. As we begin to opt for green products and services we are thinking about the needs of the planet and the generations who will follow. Dry cleaners using non-toxic ingredients minimize water pollution and ozone depletion due to natural components.

Fresh Scents

Typically when cleaning products are made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients they do not have powerful odours. Plant-based cleaners do not have strong perfumes or any chemical smells as they are made from natural elements. Many people are negatively affected by the artificial and toxic scents that come from toxic and unclean traditional cleaning products and consumers will not have these issues when they choose a green dry cleaner.

Remove Irritants

It is well known that many regular cleaning solutions and products are filled with irritants that can annoy the skin and cause allergies and other issues. By using plant-based ingredients without strong odours, green dry cleaning companies remove customer contact with the harmful components that make up traditional cleaners thereby giving consumers the option to not have any irritants on their clothing, drapes or in their home. This is a great advantage to this option.

Health Benefits

Exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals found in many cleaning products can build up in the body over time causing health issues. Traditional dry cleaning companies use products containing such elements that often contribute to allergies, asthma and many other chemical-related illnesses. By choosing an environmentally, toxin-free dry cleaning service you are making a positive contribution to your current and future health.

Cost Effective

Using a green dry cleaning company to fulfil all of your dry cleaning needs does not mean an increase to your laundry service cost as natural, plant-based, biodegradable dry cleaning isn’t more expensive. In fact it is often less expensive and can mean you will pay less to get your items professionally cleaned. Paying more to expose yourself to harmful chemicals is not a good idea so choosing a green alternative is not only better for the environment but also your wallet.

Supporting Green

When you make the choice to bring your dry cleaning items to a business that has made the decision to use environmentally friendly, non-toxic products you are supporting those who are switching to green living. In this day and age this is an important move as the more supportive we as consumers are the more green options we will have. This is better for everyone.

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