Tips To Demonstrate At A Tech Conference

The genesis of new ideas and brilliant emergence of technical plans that answers to every needs and demand of the tech world involves even several business plan to move ahead the business for launching new products and new ideas in the tech market. Public display in an art gallery or museum or any display to the stalls is a brilliant way of exposure to the hundreds of mass people, which in turn creates a huge buzz around the stall.

Perturbed not, here are five simple tips to draw attention and drive the traffic to the individual booth. So beforehand, take a minute to figure out the goals and objectives one individual wants to draw and portray in the minds of booth visitors.

After all, if you plan to fail, you will fail to plan.

Accessorize and embellish the booth

Always remember, even in the crowd of huge mass always try to blend with the surrounding. Proper product demonstration and interactive demonstration always catch hold sight of huge people and will be even attracted to the booth especially even among many others. Display of product or prototype strategically is really very important to attract people. Mainly while demonstration, equipping the team with the list of FAQ’S so that they can answer if any query or questionnaire comes from the stall viewers.

Small things like banners, posters, stall decorations, festoons, mascots, buntings, light and even the uniform wore by the team members can even make a huge difference among the booths.  Coloured theme and aligned to the brand of product display should be major concern. Proper accessorize and furnishing is to be done to get attracted even in the crowd. These points if maintained keep a uniformity and draws attention of the viewers in the hall.

Proper utilization of social media

In today’s world it’s like we find everybody almost connected to the social networks. So apart from creating catchy hash tag unique to the brand displayed, but an event hash tag is very necessary as it catch hold of the sight of the attendees specially.

Marketing start up pre-event is very necessary. So that the followers can follow up the latest updates about the booth and will know where about of everything regarding the display.  As no one knows who will like it and visit the booth.

Everyone loves free Gifts

Keep aside an affordable budget for branded door gifts. So as the thumb rule, it is being realised that practical items of basic use should be given to them so that they don’t chuck away after the event. As after all it is our duty to make sure that people who visit the conference should see and remember the brand.

Run Contests

For the start-up to run the contest, earns a huge buzz around the stall. This contest needs not to be grand or fancy event. The main objective for achievement needs a successful running of an contest. Ultimately it creates a sense of recreation to the stall viewers.  Truly it’s an innovative way to draw interest about the product and enhances the attraction also.

Use the Manpower wisely

Usually these tech conferences are lot more than the start-up exhibitions. It comprise of several stage talks, structured networking sessions to pitch the investors and several new opportunities to investors and conference attendees, all happening concurrently. So there are many things that can be done more at a time through this event and more. To make the best use of the time, so that at least two member from each team to represent and make a proper demonstration of display.

Prepare the conference document beforehand

Need to be self-explanatory, try to understand the target audience and the competitive landscape to pace on with the others. Make sure of the media press release and media kit are prepared and ready to be easily shared to all attendees if demanded.

Try to receive a feedback

The feedback is very necessary as it helps to validate the individual idea and may also reconsider the value of proposition.

Make use of the resources provided

Workshop visiting is necessary to seek knowledge about industry. Try to seek out speakers who have inspired can get him or her cup of coffee.

Don’t forget to take breaks in the middle

Don’t be too caught for the show-off of the exhibition or constantly looking for someone to pitch the ideas. Try to take breaks for lunch or for breakfast and give the ankles and legs rest for some time. Try to stay hydrated and nourished most importantly.

Exhibit on a single day

Multiday conference is exhausting as well as boring.  As meeting hundreds of people, pitching again and again and entire day standing is really tiring. So making it a single day is much better and interesting. As a single day event most of the people will be energised and will be eager to speak and even as a person individual also it is interesting and less hectic and tiresome.

Personalize the pitch

Never try to memorize the 10-30 second pitches. Even agencies use extensions in order to cater the needs of everyone in different aspects. Try to figure out who is taking to whom, and try to point out the unique case cases.

Don’t try to meet everyone

It is simply draining of time to meet everyone. Instead of that those are interested for interactions and don’t get booked up for the entire schedule should be preferable. Allow time random interactions, even that are even helpful in few cases.

Lastly make fun and enjoy, do not forget that. These tech conferences fulfil the business agenda, but never forget to make friends, chat with them and have a good quality time along with them. As these tech communities help to exchange ideas and even for the start-ups they help to bring up to the limelight floor also.

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