Top Tips To Making The Most Of The Space In Your Home

When you either convert a cellar or build a basement in your new home, little do you know that you can actually get a lot of living space. And this too without having to change the exterior of your property. The one thing that all of want when you build your house is that you need a lot of space and today, a lot of homeowners are resorting to converting and extending their cellars to create an extra storey of a basement and all under the property they live in. As opposed to loft spaces located at the top of your house, the basement is the ideal place located very close to your living areas and hence can be used to create a lot of space in your home.

Let us look at the few tips that you can use along with the process of basement tanking to increase space in your home.

  • The first thing to do would be to see whether you are creating a basement for a new property or not. The second thing you can see is whether the basement you are creating is a new one in a house that already exists that is either below your house or is extending out to the garden of lawn at the front side of the house. This would give you more space to be doing a lot of things.
  • The basement could act as the ideal space you have been looking for your family. It could be used as a playroom or a room that could be used as home entertainment. Also, the basement is the perfect space you could use to relocate the utility room, boiler and storage and by freeing more than enough of the ground space located above.
  • At the same time, your basement can have its own entrance which could be used as a separate space such as your office etc. If you want the basement to become a separate unit that you would want to reap dividends on, that too could be done after you have given consent to it.
  • It is always better to understand the potential of your basement before you tread ahead and real estate agent would be able to give you a better picture of how much space is worth per square metre in your locality since the measurements vary from place to place. 

While basement tanking would waterproof your basement using a lot of methods, you could get a log of space either in your existing basement or in the one you see constructing. At the end of the day, all that you need is space and when you get that out basement could be used for a plethora of purposes.

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