We Are Tubular Heaters- The Best Tubular Heater Suppliers In UK

There are a number of uses of tubular heaters. A tubular heater is considered one of the most effective heating sources used in applications that require a uniform source of heat in segmented areas. There are a number of features that help in making tubular heaters dynamic and probably the best choice. These heaters are quite flexible and are used in different applications. They are specifically designed in different configurations, shapes and dimensions. Furthermore, they are quite versatile as they can eventually be formed in almost any shape and configuration. We Are Tubular Heaters offers a wide assortment of tubular heaters, heater spares and guards and heater accessories.

Wide Range of Tubular Heaters

We Are Tubular Heaters has been successfully manufacturing tubular heaters since a very long time in the UK. The company takes pride in developing innovative and useful tubular heaters possessing the ability of offering powerful heating solutions to people looking for a rigid background heat running low at cost. The tubular heaters available from this company are suitable for different applications. However, they can large be used for protecting the environment from frost and for the prevention of condensation. Tubular heaters from this company come as one of the most cost-effective options for different environments. The company provides 240v and 110v tubular heaters in two colours-parchment and standard white. The single tube heaters are supplied with anchorage and mounting brackets for every length. There are linking kits available for the ones who look forward to using large heaters. The company also deals in heater spare parts, guards and a wide assortment of other heater accessories.

Affordable Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters developed at We Are Tubular Heaters are generally manufactured keeping safety in mind. All the tubular heaters coming from this company are IP54 rated, getting good protection from water spray and dust ingress. The heaters are constructed from outputting 60W per foot and aluminum. They offer heat-up times that are exceptionally fast while the cost of running these heaters is quite low. The heaters also come with power control options. The heaters can effectively be used in different applications starting from heating lockers in changing rooms to simple greenhouse heater to offering frost guard in automatic external defibrillators. When used for supplementing existing commercial and domestic heating systems, tubular heaters from the company serve as one of the most economical sources of additional heat.

Tubular Heaters- Uses

Tubular heating elements generally have a number of commercial, consumer and industrial-based uses. These heating elements are available in the following categories:

  • Air heaters which are used in radiators, ovens, infrared heaters and hot air curtains.
  • Defrost heaters used in refrigeration systems and industrial freezers. They are also used outdoors and in compressors.
  • Industrial heaters are used in chemical tanks, steam generators, batch ovens and industrial ovens.
  • Immersion heaters are used in dishwashers, coffee machines, washing machines, boilers, sterilizers and water heaters.

When making the choice of tubular heaters, it is always important to go for manufacturers that possess good reputation across the market when it comes to supplying good quality tubular heaters.

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