When to Replace Your Laptop Battery

One great sign that your laptop battery needs replacing will be finding that the device will no longer hold enough charge to switch on. When this occurs it can be very frustrating, particularly if it is at a time when you urgently need your computer. The good news is that there are telltale signs that you might need a replacement battery that will show their heads far sooner, which means you need never again reach the stage of having a computer that won’t turn on.

One sure sign is that the runtime of your laptop has noticeably diminished. When new, a laptop battery can last many hours, depending on the make and the programmes being run, but if you have noticed that this has reduced significantly over time and that you are having to charge your laptop more regularly, this is probably because your battery is coming to the end of its life.

How long a battery will last is difficult to predict, but, as a rough guide, experts suggest that replacement batteries are likely to be needed after between three and five hundred charges, or after eighteen to twenty four months of use, whichever comes sooner. This might sound silly but it is not too hard to approximately calculate how many times you have charged your laptop; think about how many times a week you tend to plug your laptop in and then multiply this by the number of weeks you have had it. If you think the number of charges is around the suggested figure, or you have had the battery for around two years, it might well be time to start looking for a replacement.

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