How to Get your Dream Nanny Job

There are lots of ways that a nanny job can be deeply fulfilling: there will always be a demand for high quality childcare, the money will always be good and obviously working with children and being instrumental in their development can be profoundly satisfying. However, one drawback with the job being so good is that there is a relatively large amount of competition.

If you’re worried about getting a job in childcare consider working abroad. Childcare jobs abroad can be extremely well paid, especially where there is a high demand for English speaking skill such as in Russia. If you are considering an international role you can contact an international nanny agency.

Before you get to an interview stage you’ll be assessed on your CV. It’s very important that you demonstrate that you have of relevant experience and that your resume is catered towards childcare. Make sure you list professional qualifications alongside practical experience that would be relevant.

Do lots of research. For example, you’ll find lots of advice about moving abroad and how this works if you’re a nanny. The internet is a great tool for finding suitable job roles as well as looking into these roles in more detail.

Finally, don’t lose hope if some of your applications are unsuccessful. The world always needs good nannies and you’re sure to find your dream job somewhere, even if this means you have to live abroad.

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