4 Things That Could Help You Find The Right Care

Beginning the search for care for yourself or a family member can feel daunting as it is often difficult to know even where to start. If you are looking for care for an elderly family member then you may really feel under pressure to make the right decision.

The care you eventually decide upon for yourself or your elderly family member must not only meet the physical needs of yourself or relative, but also meet their emotional needs. You must be happy with the care you decide upon but it is important to remember that you are not stuck with unsatisfactory care and you are able to change care type or provider whenever you want.

Professional advice

If you are unsure of the type or level of care you or your relative will need then seeking professional advice is a good place to start. Your local GP is a good place to start as they will be able to look at your or your family members medical records in order to offer advice on the specific type of care you should look for. If you or your relative have recently been given a diagnosis of a degenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, then your GP will be able to talk you through what this means for the care you need to look for now and how your care needs may change in the future.

Talk to others in the same position

Often, taking to other people who find themselves in the same or similar position to yourself can be greatly beneficial. Talk to friends or family who have had to do their own search for care and learn about their experiences. Other people may be able to offer advice and share their experience with different types of care or even be able to offer a care recommendation – be it live in care or a residential care home.

Charities such as Help the Aged can also be a great place to turn to speak to people who will have also experienced looking for the perfect care solution. Charities and comparison sites, such as Which, regularly put together informative pamphlets and articles with great tips on how to find the perfect care solution.

Test the waters

Before you decide on your care solution, whether a home car services or a care home it is a good idea to try out a few different solutions. Take a tour around local care homes to get a feel for their environment and talk to residents. This should give you a better idea of what life for you or your relative would be like if that was the care option you chose. Also, consider at-home or live-in care as a viable option as staying in one’s own home is often the best choice for some people. Invite several companies to come and talk to you about their carers and what levels of care would be open to you.

The Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulate the care industry and give every care operator and residential home an assessment and a rating. These assessments are easy to find and view online so you can research your potential care solutions and get an idea of the level of care you are likely to expect from the company.

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