5 Key Info Details You Need To Order Birth Certificate Online

You will require your birth certificate for many things. If you have lost it or misplaced it, you could be in difficult situation. You can order a certificate with the state, but the process is long and cumbersome and involves a lot of paperwork.

Get Your Birth Certificate Online

You can however get help to Order birth certificate online without having to deal with the state directly. It will save you time and money and the hassles of dealing with a laid back and apathetic attitude.

All you need is to provide the following information to get your birth certificate:

1. Your Location of Birth

You will have to provide your location of birth. It may be required to provide details like even the county and the hospital where you were born. This is required because there could be many people sharing the same name and birth date.

2. Information About Parents

Whether you are ordering the certificate for yourself or someone else, you will be required to provide names of parents. This helps in making it easier to identify of the person. Many states allow the first and maiden names of the mother only. This is because many times only the mother’s name is provided at the time of birth.

On the other hand, some states may also have some additional, but optional questions. For example, you may be required to tell if the person’s parents were married at the time of birth.

3. Relationship with Person

This is important to prevent just anyone placing an order for a birth certificate. You can order copy of your own certificate or of someone whom you are related to.

This is why you will be required to tell how you are related to the person you are ordering the birth certificate for. Usually, you are allowed to order it for yourself, a parent, child, or sibling.

4. Additional Details

You will obviously have to provide the full name, gender, and the date of birth of the person. There is however no need to know the blood type or social security number.

5. Reason for Ordering

When you Order birth certificate online, you will be required to provide a valid reason why you need it. The reasons can range from anything as simple as registering for school to as sophisticated as applying for passport.

So make sure you have all this information handy before you apply for your birth certificate online.

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