Best Kid’s Games To Gift This Season

Children love playing games of all sorts. They use any and every opportunity to activate their minds for a bit of innocent mischief, or some playful competitiveness between them and their friends. Playing is what defines a child, and when presented with the chance, we should always allow them to play with something fun and interesting, to help further develop them into wonderful adults.

Giant Four in a Row

There’s nothing like this game if you want to encourage a little positive competition in the child’s life. It’s one of those games that they can lose hours upon hours with their friends, while still learning and training their logical faculties. What’s even better is that this game is best played outside, especially in good weather, so everyone can have a great time while being outdoors.

A trivia game

Kids don’t want to be forced to learn and memorise things they’re not interested in. But when presented as a game, and with a subject they’re interested in, then what was previously a chore will now become a joy. Trivia games are excellent tools that are actually really fun to play for everybody, especially because it encourages memorisation and that will immensely help the child in its development as a person. If the trivia game is a subject they’re interested in, then they’re bound for a treat.


There’s something to say about the popularity of one of the most played board games of all time. It’s fun, it’s educational, and it can be very competitive, but in a positive way. It’s fun for all groups and ages because there’s a very specific social aspect, and it encourages communication and critical thinking, and it’s ideal for kids of any age.

Tug of War

Now, this is a game that the entire neighbourhood can participate in. A game that requires patience, skill, but most important of all, it’s absolutely fun to play. The concept of tug of war is great competitive fun, and as a game, it encourages cooperation above all. For more games like this one, make sure to check out The Works, because you’re bound to find something that everyone will enjoy playing.

Rubik’s cube

Not a traditional game that many children are used to, but rather a puzzle game that can push anyone to their logical limits, especially if they’ve never solved a Rubik’s cube before. Solving one can make anyone feel smart, and they’re great to encourage children to think logically. On top of that, they can then show off to their friends that they’ve solved a Rubik’s cube, which is something most kids will want to do.

Playing cards

Playing cards offer unlimited possibilities. There’s a wide variety of games to play with them, and kids practically always love playing with them. Sometimes they even think of a game to play all by themselves, instead of following some predetermined rules. It’s definitely great for both stimulating logic and creativity.

Playing games is something all children do. And when we add a bit of extra spark to their sessions, then we might bring a little more happiness in their lives, and that’s always a good thing.

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