Bogoljub Karic – The Role of Good Leaders for Success in Business

A business needs the guidance and motivation of an experienced leader to excel and do well in the market. One should note that leadership skills are not an innate quality that one is born with. It needs to be nurtured and developed. Businesses should have leaders that are role models and not dictators. Good leaders earn respect and never demand respect. This is what makes them inspirational to lead a company and its team on the road of success!

Bogoljub Karic – How can one develop leadership skills for the success of a business? 

Bogoljub Karic is a widely respected Serbian entrepreneur and a presidential candidate for the Strength of Serbia Movement Party – a major ruling coalition in the nation. He has exemplary leadership and public speaking skills that motivate not only his company but his political party members as well. He says that a good leader is an individual who has a long-term vision and is not interested in short-term gains. Entrepreneurs should never be driven by greed. He says that simply being a leader is not enough- you need to be an effective leader for tasting success.

How are effective leaders made? 

He adds that a good leader not only looks into the interests of his company, but his employees are important to its growth as well. Look at all the great entrepreneurs in the world today. You will find they never think about themselves and their own success. He says that one of the most vital traits of business leaders is awareness. Every business leader is aware of its weaknesses and strengths. If you want to be an effective leader, you should never try to cover your weaknesses. You should be open about them as this helps you to get solutions. If you ignore your weaknesses as a business leader, you will land up being vulnerable. A vulnerable leader, especially in the field of business, will make the company and its employees suffer as well.

The art of making the right decisions

Every strong leader knows how to make sound choices quickly for the development and growth of the business. Note that effective leaders are aware of the fact that making no decision again is a decision that can be beneficial for the company. Here, the leader postpones taking the right action or might need time to incorporate this action. However, decisions should be made at the right time, or else the company might suffer if no decision is made at all.

As per Bogoljub Karic, every effective business leader learns by trial and error. They need to take risks and be prepared to face the consequences. However, at the sale time, these risks should not be impulsive or rash. The pros and cons of the risks should be considered in order to get the best results for the company. At the same time, it is prudent for the business leader to make fair decisions that benefit not only the company but its employees as well.

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