Looking For Plump Lips – Can You Get Permanent Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation refers to a popular non-surgical procedure that cosmetic surgeons carry out to give their patients plumper lips. There is a number of lip augmentation techniques that these specialists can restore for their patients. The most common method which the surgeons use is the injection of dermal fillers into these individuals’ lips. These dermal fillers are generally made from hyaluronic acid. There are many advantages to using this technique for patients. Patients getting dermal filler injections are unlikely to suffer from any allergic reactions. They also do not experience any form of bruising, and the results of the procedure are permanent. 

Can you get a permanent lip augmentation procedure?

Many people often ask themselves the question, ‘Can you get permanent lip augmentation?‘. The cosmetic surgeon says they can undergo this procedure. The specialists only refuse to conduct the procedure on certain individuals as the injection can prove to be fatal on them. These are people who smoke, suffer from infections like oral herpes, cold sores, have blood-clotting issues, or are diabetic. The specialists also insist people should seriously consider why they wish to change the nature of their lips. These individuals should have valid reasons for undergoing this popular non-surgical procedure. If they are taking the dermal filler injection to impress others, the specialists suggest they should think again.

Moreover, these people should have realistic expectations from the procedure. They should also ensure a qualified cosmetic surgeon with relevant experience in such operations is administering the injections. Only this specialist can give them the kind of results they are looking for.

What should people expect from a lip augmentation procedure?

Cosmetic surgeons generally carry out a lip augmentation procedure on their patients in their offices or local surgeries. The only exception is when these individuals insist on taking a fat injection. This is because the specialists have first to perform a small liposuction procedure on these patients. Only then can they remove the excess fat deposits from various parts of their bodies. Before administering the dermal filler injections, cosmetic surgeons apply a numbing agent on their patients’ lips. Taking this step is necessary to ensure these individuals do not feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. These specialists carefully mark the areas where they will apply the dermal filler injections to their patients’ lips. After applying the injections, cosmetic surgeons use an ice pack to control the swelling in their patients’ lips.

How long does it take for patients to recover from the lip augmentation procedure?

The time it takes for patients to recover from a lip augmentation procedure depends upon their condition. They should ensure a family member accompanies them on the day of taking the dermal filler injection.  Cosmetic surgeons suggest these individuals should take a leave of 3 days from their workplace after receiving the injection. They should also avoid all forms of physical exercise during this phase. 

When it comes to the question of Can you get permanent lip augmentation – you can do so with experienced experts who safely administer the procedure. Undergoing a lip augmentation procedure can work wonders for people who want to get plumper lips. Before taking the dermal filler injections, they know more about this operation and its risk factors. Moreover, these individuals also ensure a qualified cosmetic surgeon with adequate experience should administer the injection. Only this specialist can explain the procedure to them and the results they are likely to expect.

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