Preparing Your Home For A Dinner Date

One of the more awkward aspects of dating is to find a good venue to go to. Whilst public places such as bars and restaurants are often the norm, they can really lack the personal touch which can be found when going to someone’s house for an intimate dinner date. Not only that, but cooking at home allows us to prepare a dish which our dating partner will actually enjoy. And let’s face it: cooking is sexy, and our partner will definitely appreciate us doing the work, more so than us just paying for a restaurant bill.

Our house tells our story

Upon entering someone’s house, we get an immediate glimpse into their lives, their history and their cultural tastes, as well as many other aspects of their personality. A lot of dating takes place online these days and whether we are going for traditional, naughty or even single and mature dating; our house should come as an extension of our personality and the things we have been discussing with our potential dating partners. This is why being honest when talking online helps; as people will expect our house to be coherent with how we present ourselves.

Tidying without going overboard.

Naturally when inviting someone for a home-made dinner,  it is expected that we spruce up the place a little in order for our home to be more welcoming, but also to show that we are considerate and that we are willing to put in the effort. This can go a long way towards making us being a more desirable date. But tidying doesn’t mean we should clear out everything just to try to give good impressions. A great example of this phenomenon can be seen in the movie “The 40 year old Virgin” where our main character clears out all of his action figures from his house just because he is scared that his date will see him as too much of a nerd and a geek. In the movie, this actually backfires against our main character, as his date finds it very strange and creepy that his house is mostly empty withal the shelves cleared-out. The morale of this silly example is that even though a good tidying will help, doing too much of it will make our house look characterless and will most likely make our date feel uncomfortable.

Important rooms which need cleaning

Certain rooms do need to be cleaned more than others; this is a bit different from just tidying the place. Tidy is good, hygienic is even better! Whilst it is essential for the obvious rooms such as our kitchen and our living rooms, it is even more important to make sure our bathroom is as shiny and clean as possible. Nothing is more off-putting than a dirty bathroom, especially after a lovely dinner; it can really put a downer onto our date.  Furthermore, and though this might sound presumptuous, preparing our bedroom with some clean and fresh sheets could be a wise thing to do. It is not to say that the date will necessarily finish there, but we simply cannot exclude that possibility. As much as a dirty bathroom can put people off, some dirty bed sheets will most certainly give the same negative impression.

So to sum it up…

We don’t necessarily need to have an amazing house to be able to provide our date with a great home-cooked meal experience. As long as our home shows some character which matches our personality, and as long as we make a good effort in making the place feel comfortable for our date, then there is no reason why things shouldn’t work out!

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