Testing The G700 Flashlight – Is It Really The Best Flashlight?

If you follow the tech world of innovations they you have surly heard about the new G700 military flashlight. It is considered to be one of the most innovating flashlights of our century but is it really the best flashlight on the open market. For the soul purpose of this post we have bought the G700 military flashlight so that we can conduct several test and to finally detriment if this flashlight is really capable of fulfilling the performances that it promises.

The fields that I tested the G700 military flashlight in are: battery capacity, material, range and the self-defiance mode. To get more information about the G700 visit the official G700 review.

Battery capacity

From the website that I bought this flashlight from theg700flashligh it said that this flashlight is capable to last up to 72 hours of constant work without changing the batteries. One of the things that convinced me to get this flashlight was the battery capacity and then I decided to test it myself. I attached this flashlight on my yard fence to light up my yard and started to measure time. To be honest this flashlight didn’t lasted for 72 hours but it lasted for 65 hours which is still better than the industry average. With this flashlight also comes a rechargeable option that will save you money on maintain your flashlight every month.  


This part was written in bold characters and it said that this flashlight is made with an indestructible aircraft aluminum. Considering the fact that aircraft aluminum is mostly used for the body structure of other military equipment I decided to test just how durable this flashlight is. I putted the flashlight on my side-walk and run it over with my car several times. Surprisingly this flashlight had some viewable damages but the internal part of the flashlight was undamaged and it was still capable of working just like before.


Also one of the things that got me interested in the G700 military flashlight was their long range. I have been a fan of flashlights my entire life but I have never seen a flashlight that can reach out to 2000 feet. This flashlight was the only flashlight on the open market that was promising a range of 2000 feet in every direction. For conducting this test I went to an open filed so that I can fully conduct the test with no barriers. I set up a target that was on a measured distance of 2000 feet and this flashlight actually lighted the target.

Self-defiance mode  

The G700 military flashlight is also considered to be one of the best self-defiance tools. With a tremendous power of 1000 lumens I was sure that this flashlight can neutralize any kind of potential danger. The test that I conducted was with my friend which he played the role of the attacker. He was on 40 feet away from my position giving me enough time to turn on the self-defiance on the G700 flashlight. With its high neutralizing power my friend was instantly disoriented within seconds from flashing the flashlight into his eyes.

This flashlight was also tested and reviewed by the Flashlight Experts at Flashlightpedia.


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