Tips For Choose the Best Tiles for Your Home

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom or kitchen is not just about how they look – they have to be a practical choice too. In many cases, you will want them to last for years so it’s important to choose carefully. Here, we look at some of the points which you should bear in mind when shopping for tiles for your home.

Where are you putting the tiles?

The first thing to consider is where you intend to install the tiles; different rooms will require tiles of different textures. For instance, glossy tiles work well on walls (as backsplashes in the kitchen behind the stove, or by the sink and shower in the bathroom), while matte tiles are a better option for floor surfaces, as these are less slippery and therefore less likely to cause a fall.

Which material is best?

Tiles come in hundreds of different materials and it can be difficult to determine which will work best in your home. As a very general rule of thumb, tiles made from glass, porcelain and ceramic look beautiful in bathrooms, while vinyl, stone, cork and quarry work well in the kitchen. Porcelain, ceramic and quarry are usually reserved for floors and counters, while glass, which is more delicate, is usually preferred for backsplashes and walls.

How much?

Although the amount you spend on tiles will depend on your personal budget, it is important to put a limit on how much you will pay. Tiles can get very expensive, very quickly and even if the price per tile seems reasonable, it could still add up to a hefty sum if you need to cover a large area of the room. Do some research before you buy and take measurements so that you know exactly how many tiles you will need. You can then shop around for the best prices.

Durability versus style:

If you will be installing the tiles in an area of the house where there is a lot of foot traffic, it is important to consider durability as well as style. Although you don’t necessarily have to compromise, you should ensure that your tiles not only look good, but are durable enough to withstand things like knocks, spills and changing temperatures.

Colour choices:

Tiles now come in almost every colour and pattern imaginable and this can make it difficult to narrow down your choices. White is a very popular option because it goes with almost every kind of décor scheme and adds a bright, clean look to the room. However, if you are concerned about the bathroom or the kitchen looking a bit too stark, you could mix white tiles with a bright border or have an occasional patterned tile in the run. Even if you go for a darker colour, it’s still good to add in a few patterned slabs amongst block coloured tiles to break up the uniform look and add some interest.

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