Tips On Choosing Flowers For Weddings

Deciding on floral arrangements can be a really intimidating task. But it can be easily accomplished by following a simple series of steps. Flowers can be ordered with your local florist as well as online for the following or the same day flower delivery.

Floral arrangement forms the heart of any wedding. These arrangements are responsible for keeping the environment fresh and lively. Here are a series of steps you need to go through that will help you decide on your floral arrangements:

Make up your mind : The first thing you must remember is, deciding on flowers is a personal choice. Your friends can help with their ideas but at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which design you need for which type of arrangement. Knowing what you want is very important and you need to be sure about it. You must look into internet and wedding photos of your friends to be sure what you like.

Decide your budget and stick to it : Before you start working on which flowers to put where. You need to know which flowers are cheap and which ones are expensive. All flowers don’t grow in all the seasons. In fact, there are only a few flowers that are available in all the seasons. But even if they are, it is important to know if it is not grown on your wedding month, chances are, that they will be very costly. Moreover, if it is not the season of a flower, it will soon begin to rot and dry out on your wedding. You don’t want that right?

Flowers have look-alike : Many flowers have identical looking flowers. If the flower that you have selected does not bloom on your wedding month, chances are that a similar looking flower does. You need to be little flexible with your demands and ask your florist which flower would be a good replacement. This will save you some money too. If a flower is known to have trigger allergic reactions to some, it is better to avoid them on the centerpiece and in important locations to avoid any difficult situation.

Decide on a theme : Deciding a theme is very important as this saves you from the pain of choosing from so many options. Also, it helps florist to decide things on his/her own. You can decide your theme by considering the wedding season as well as the venue. You can also choose colours for your theme. Make sure that the colour you choose matches your wedding gown. Here are a few flowers that you can select for the following listed colours:

  • White: Rose, Baby’s breath, Sweet pea, Camellia, Stephanotis, Jasmine and Orchid.
  • Pink: Rose, Peony, Sweet pea, Carnations, Tulips and Lilies.
  • Lavender: Lavender, Lilac, Iris and Hydrangea.
  • Yellow: Daffodil, Sunflower, Lily and Freesia
  • Red: Gerbera, Rose, Dahlia and Amaryllis

Consider floral arrangements : There are many floral arrangements in a wedding like the centerpiece, the bouquets, the boutonnieres and corsages, and the altar decorations. You need to keep in these decorations and select a flower accordingly. Go for cheap flowers for locations that are unimportant and choose expensive ones for bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Do not forget to pre-book your orders since these flowers are not available readily. Book an appointment with a florist and make sure she/he understands what arrangements you need. Look at the pictures of the arrangements that the florist has done in the past, you may like them too. Many well-known florists are also available online now. Booking flowers online has become easier than ever, all you need to do is select the flower and bam! You’re done.

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