What Should You Ensure Before Buying A Water Purifier?

If you are planning to purchase a water purifier for your office or home then you are doing the right thing. Of course, you are somewhere ensuring better health and cleanliness in the space. But are you sure you know what you are buying and why? Of course, the industry is flooded with options and if you don’t know what exactly you need and why then there is no reason that you do not get intimidated.

Everybody knows how essential it is to drink pure and clean water. Unfortunately, there are various areas where good quality water is not accessible in the absence of any water treatment system.Of course, presently there are many companies that provide water purifiers and filters for different establishments. Well, before you decide to purchase one and go ahead and buy a water purifier; there are a few important questions that should be on your list. Have a look below:

Do you really need water purifier for your space?

Well. Thisis something that only depends on the disinfection of the water supply at your space. It could just be checked out by water test. You can take the sample of drinking water supplied at your home to the lab in your area. The test of the water will tell you what kind of impurities is found in your water and what type of treatment is needed for it. Thus, finding out the contamination in your water could better help you decide the kind of purifier you require for your home.Once you test the water against impurities, you can easily decide which purification system is finest for you.

What type of features you should look for in a water purifier?

Well, in general sense you should consider the following mentioned features:

  • Installation:
  • Purification technology:
  • Storage Capacity:
  • Quality of filters used:
  • Rejected water ratio:

Of course, if you have any specifications then you can look for that too. But these were the basic things that you have to be sure about in your purifier.

Where can you test your water?

The foremost step towards purchasing a water purifier is testing the quality of water. Make sure that you visit only state-certified water quality testing labs. After all, the water analysis test report informs you about thecontaminants found in the water that includes overall analysis:

  • Physical Analysis: focus on metals, like magnesium, lead and so on.
  • Chemical Analysis: the focus on chemicals like fluoride and chlorine
  • Microbiological Analysis: Turbidity checks(evaluatingthe haziness of water because of invisible bacteria’s, suspended particles, muddiness or smoke).

Remember talking about chlorine, it in itself is believed to be a disinfectant and used to purify the water. There has to be a certain amount of chlorine there in water that is good for health.Some amount of it is okay but extensive usage of chlorine is not good for the consumers.


Thus, while you take into consideration all these things make sure you inquire about Amc charges for Kent ro too. After all, these purifiers have to be maintained too.

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