Why Security In 2021 Is More Important Than Ever?

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The year 2020 was a year of Novel Coronavirus. The COVID-19 was a global pandemic which created havoc in the entire world. Almost all countries around the world were affected by the virus. The peculiar thing about the virus was that it was a completely new disease. Many industries were badly affected and some of them almost reached the brink of closure due to changed behaviour of customers and the general public at large. One of the sectors which deeply suffered was the hospitality industry. Any service which dealt with personal interaction had to be affected and so did the service. This service provides personal assistance to guests in the hospitality sector. The service can be booked privately to serve an individual.

Reasons to have more security this year

The global spread of COVID-19 and the devastation it created is history itself. The year 2021 has brought us new hopes with better knowledge, self-reliance and amplifying the essence of health in our lives. This makes 2021 more important than ever in terms of healthcare, hygiene and social distance. 

  • Social Distancing – With social distancing playing such an important role in controlling the spread it is advised to be at a minimum of 6 feet distance from each other. In such a situation where you need to maintain a distance of 6 feet, any form of personal interaction is almost negated. The entire concept of hospitality is based on one to one interactions and social greetings, the social distancing cannot go hand in hand with concierge service.
  • Wearing of Mask – Face mask or face shield was introduced when it was discovered that the virus is spread through the air passage. The usage of masks and shields was later made compulsory in many countries.  The face mask or shield covers a considerable portion of your face. In an industry where the entire work is done through body language, a shield on your face would not help the customer. The guests would not feel greeted and the warmth of your service is not reflected properly. 
  • Lockdown – All countries around the world observed partial or complete lockdown for a sizable amount of time. This lockdown meant no movement of the general public. It also implied that markets, malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, and road services were completely stopped. This disrupted many industries of which hospitality being a major one. The change in the social behaviour of the general public meant that they would not be venturing out for a long period even after the lockdown got over, and it happened the same.

The security in 2021 is more important than ever for the Concierge services as the potential customer will only be attracted to your service and offerings only if they feel that they are well secure from the deadly disease. With the behaviour of customers changing health comes first in their priority list.