Bridal Jewelry For Indian Women: Get The Perfect Look

Dressing up for the wedding and looking at the best is the most important priority for any bride. Jewelry forms a very important part of the dressing up for the bride with each piece of jewelry being a representative of tradition and culture. Choosing the jewelry to complement the ethnic dresses is a talent by itself and also the jewelry pieces varies from place to place depending on the tradition followed by the bride’s family.

We hereby put forth some commonly worn jewelry pieces by Indian brides and how to choose the perfect look to complement your dresses on the very special wedding day.


Apart from offering great acupuncture benefits, earrings form the most important part of the accessory throughout the life of Indian Women. The most popular bridal earrings across many of the Indian traditions have been the jhumkas.  From antique heirloom jhumkas, Ruby Jhumkas, Diamond Jhumkas to contemporary jhumkas, there is a piece to match every wedding theme or trousseau you are planning to go for. While wearing gold forms a very important tradition for most Indian brides, you can also opt for some cosmetic jewelry for smaller functions, which will make your look stand out within your budget. Use the bluestone coupons so that you can choose the best offer for the bridal jewelry that you select. They provide you with the best and unique designer jewelry at best prices.


A wedding is not complete without arms of the bride jingling with bangles. No matter which part of the country you hail from, bangles form a very important part of the bridal look. Traditionally worn in shades of green, red and yellow, the modern bride now matches these shades with the rest of her outfit. The bangles have also moved from traditional gold heirlooms to various designs and materials, which will suit every bride.


The necklace before the mangalsutra is the most important accessory, which will define the bride. Many brides prefer to wear layers of different lengths and styles of necklaces on their big day to create a beautiful effect on their lehenga or sari. There are various styles, which have come about in necklaces ranging from simple statement pieces of diamond to huge uncut diamond or kundan sets, which will enhance the beauty of the bride.


The MaangTikka is one of the most important heirloom pieces for any Indian Bride with some traditions wearing them every day. Different types of MaangTikkas are available to suit the brides according to their facial structures like heavy and studded ones for broad foreheads and narrow single stranded ones for narrow foreheads. MaangTikka should ideally be bought as part of the bridal jewelry to ensure that the style remains consistent with the rest of the jewelry worn on the big day.

Nose Ring

The traditional nose ring or the naath is again a very important piece, which symbolizes the bride. Opt for simple and stunning nose rings if your other jewelry is heavy or go ahead with a large and dramatic piece with a long chain if you keep your other jewelry subtle. While most of the brides have their noses pierced, there are also a wide variety of clip-on options, which are classy while being extremely comfortable.

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