Reduce Air Pollution With Control Systems & Instrumentation

Air pollution is increasing day by day and causing damage to the environment. Today, using different control systems & instrumentation, air pollution is controlled. Have a look at these instruments: –

  1. Ultra – High-Efficiency Filter System
  2. Activated Carbon Systems
  3. Mercury Emission Control
  4. Wet Scrubbers-Packed Tower Scrubbers
  5. Sorbent Injection Systems-Mercury and Acid Control
  6. Catalytic Purification Systems
  7. Venturi Scrubbers
  8. Thermal Purification Systems
  9. Dry Scrubbers-Coated Baghouses.

How Do These Systems Help to Control Air Pollution?

Ultra– High-Efficiency Filter System: – These systems help to control the various pollutants like smoke, condensed hydrocarbons, oil mists, oily or sticky dust, indoor plant air and submicron particulate. These ultra-high efficiency filters help to remove the contaminants present in the gas phase.  It is indeed one of the effective Control systems & instrumentation. These filters are used in various industries, such as: –

  • In chemical plants
  • In the bakery industry
  • In aluminum fabrication plants
  • In the textile industry
  • In aluminum rolling mills

Activated Carbon Systems: – These types of systems used for the different compounds like sulfurous and organic compound, hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compound. Activated carbon is used for the emission of the mercury. They are highly efficient in the removal of gas phase contaminants. Industries in which this system is used are: –

  • In pulp and paper manufacturing industries
  • In plastic industries
  • In petrochemical plants
  • In lubricant producing industries.

Mercury Emission Control: – In this system fixed adsorption beds are used, and in which activated carbon media is used. This system provides the highest efficiency to remove mercury emission. The activated carbons can work in high and low-temperature gas streams. It is used in various fields, such as: –

  • In refineries
  • In gold processing plants
  • In wastewater treatment plants
  • In hospital waste incineration

Wet Scrubbers-Packed Tower Scrubbers: – Scrubbers help to increase the absorption of acid gases and other gas contaminants. In different applications, it shows 99% of positive results. These systems are used in following industries: –

  • In aluminum processing
  • In laboratory emission
  • In power plants
  • In landfill gas treatment
  • Inwood manufacturing plants

Sorbent Injection Systems: – This system is used for injecting and mixing trona, sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime and powdered activated carbon into the gas stream. This system includes various components and these components are used based on their application.

Catalytic Purification Systems: – These types of systems are designed to control fumes at low temperature. It also reduces the cost of natural gas. They are used: –

  • In landfill gas treatment
  • In polymer and resin manufacturing
  • In roofing manufacturer
  • In groundwater stripping


Venturi Scrubbers: – These scrubbers are highly effective for removing aerosol, dust, particulate and mists.  Venturi helps to accelerate the gas stream to high velocity and scrub liquid into small droplets. These are used: –

  • In acid plants
  • In asphalt plants
  • In blast furnaces
  • In food processing plants

Thermal Purification Systems: – They are used for destructing odor, fumes, VOC’s and other gases. It has high heat recovery. They are used: –

  • In coating operations
  • In smokehouses
  • In pharmaceuticals.

Dry Scrubbers-Coated Baghouses: – This system helps to remove HCl, HF, So2, and mercury. They are used: –

  • In industrial furnaces
  • In incinerators
  • In industrial boilers

High air pollution levels can cause many diseases therefore it is important to control the pollutant so that people can breathe fresh air. Small kids are asthmatic due to polluted air, now it is a responsibility that needs to be tackled in the most efficient manner.

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