Stories Of Ancient History: 5 Stories You Need To Know?

Popular ancient stories need to be known in order to get proper knowledge about the histories. These stories not only tell about ancient culture and traditions but also reveal various unique practices of different eras. If you want to go ahead in life then you have to learn about your roots and these roots can be learnt only by learning these stories.

Five Top Historical Stories

  • Story of Ziryab: This is the story of a popular Persian polymath who gained popularity mainly for transforming the society with his creative talents like singing, poetry writing, music composition, fashion designing, geographical knowledge, cosmetology, strategies, trendsetting, botany, astronomy and many more. He is the inventor of crystal drinking glasses and a three-course meal. 
  • Joseph Warrenthe American Revolutionist: He brought a great revolution in all cross America by organizing some of the most popular tea-parties of his time. His resolves were served in the form of blueprints, especially for the then American government. Before American independence, he acted the role of a sincere patriotic leader for fighting against the British.
  • The First Subway in America: Though 1904 subway at New York treated as the first American subway, it is not the actual fact.  Terrible Broadway congestion made Alfred Ely Beach introduce the idea of building an underground based railway. Here, a huge fan was used for propelling and sucking railcar forth and back via a tunnel. Overnight Beach with his team developed this tunnel so that passengers can easily move towards Murray Street starting from warren-street. 
  • House-of-wisdom: It was a translation institute and a library at Abbassidera Baghdad. It played a huge role in the then translation movement that became quite famous. During the golden era in Islamic ancient history, it became quite a memorable intellectual centre. Islamic science and humanities were being taught out there. Scholars of that institute were the masters of huge knowledge and they used to share their knowledge with learners. Though Mughal invasion destroyed this library it is still there in the page of Baghdad’s history.
  • Namazu: Namazu was quite a huge catfish buried under japan. It was being kept under a huge stone put by god Kashima. When the god slipped then the fish moved its tail vigorously causing the earth to move and this invited a great earthquake above. It is quite a popular Japanese myth and the story is still fresh.

There are many more old stories that can make you shiver in thrill and adventure. These stories together create a history and history is nothing but the foundation of the present era. This is the very reason people should know and learn about the history. Many present-day problems can be resolved if these stores are read properly. 

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