The Concept Of Blocked Drains In Urban Designs And Architecture

Modern urban designs and architecture are solely dependent on technology and individual skills. Since the time immemorial, humans are constantly making changes and are attempting to build a civilization that is highly technical and sophisticated, and one of the most important components of these is the drainage system. The drainage system is one of the crucial aspects of city planning. Modern cities provide appropriate drainage systems that create a healthy atmosphere to sustain life. However, still drainage problems arise. Here, we are going to shed some light on the problem of blocked drains, including their reasons and possible solutions.

The Problem of Blocked Drains

Blockage in the drains is one of the most common issues that are faced by almost all countries in the world. This is an absolutely nasty problem that creates a foul environment for living. They not only create inconvenience for the household, but also give birth to various bacteria which are hazardous to the health. Apart from swarming bacteria, the foul smell fills the air that we breathe in and makes living intolerable. So, it is quite clear that blocked drains are one of the main reasons behind the alarming rise of health issues. 

Reasons Behind Blockage in Drains

There are certain reasons because of which the drains may get blocked and create a nuisance. Some of them are:

  • Hairs Blocking the Drains – Hairs falling off from head and body while taking showers is one of the main reasons of blockage in the drains. It is essential to remove it, or else it might clog the entrance of drain pipes. 
  • Plants and Dirt Leading to Blockage in the Drains – Trees, roots, leaves, shrubs, dirt, and natural debris after autumn and spring are highly responsible for choking the drains. To prevent this, it is essential to maintain cleanliness in the gardens and backyards. 
  • Grease and Other Materials From the Kitchen – Fatty substances like grease are difficult to wash away and pass through sinks, as they stick to the pipelines and ultimately make a thick layer of it through which liquid finds impossible to pass off. It is important to avoid washing oily substances in the sinks as far as possible to avoid such problems.

Clearance of Blocked Drains

It is of utmost importance to clean the blocked drains regularly, so that one can lead a healthy life and avoid health issues that arise from bacteria. Moreover, blockages can also lead to burst pipes whose repair is costly, and sometimes you may need to replace the entire pipeline. Let’s have a look at some of the processes of clearing blockage in the drains:

  • Boiling Water – Hot water has the capacity to dissolve blockage and dislodge grease, thereby preventing catastrophes. 
  • Plunger – Up-and-down pressure created by a plunger helps to loosen blockages and ensures smooth flow of water from the pipes. 
  • Hydro-Jet – One of the modern ways of removing blockages is to take help of a hydro-jet. Technical device that forces a powerful gush of water to the pipes of the drains helps to cure blockages and prevents drains blockage, but it is not that effective for solid blockages.

So, it is the responsibility of every citizen to keep their surroundings clean and healthy. Blocked drains are one of the issues with which the whole world is dealing, but there is no denial of the fact that it is because of human activities that these pertain. So, you must keep your drains clean and clear and remove any dirt or debris regularly, preferably immediately removing them as and when they fall on your drain head. If they enter the drain, they will become harder to be removed.

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