HTC Is Again Backing With More Advanced Specs And Features In 2016

Today’s generation is the generation of smartphones. A smartphone is now operating all the activities of a man in present time. With the increasing demand of smartphones, many companies re now competing for their respective products and HTC is one of them.

With the launch of HTC One series, HTC came to limelight of smartphone ad now it has created a separate place in market. It’s last two releases like One M9 and One M9 plus are greatly highlighted and appreciated and the focus now is on its upcoming device HTC One M10. Everyone is expecting to see an overall change in design, specs and features in HTC One M10 far from One M9. HTC One M10 is expected to be released in March of 2016. But still now, there is no formal announcement for HTC Company regarding its release. There are only so many rumors about its release and specifications in market. Customers were anticipating seeing numerous variations amid the HTC One M10 and the old M9. The HTC’s M9 idea was a kind of unsatisfactory when observingthe other flagships launched this year, but the 2016 publication is predictable to be a unique.

Publication date

There is no certain information regarding the release of this most awaited smartphone HTC One M10 but still many gossips are there. The former HTC flagships were on the rampage in earlier period of every year and hence it is much expected that One M10 is also continues with same format. So most probably, the generation is moving towards a superior smartphone experience in February or March of 2016.


Smartphones are never to be so inexpensive. Every smartphone carries its worth in accordance with its encompassed features and so is expecting for HTC One M10 too. With more enhanced and superior features, HTC’s this edition will definitely charge a high cost as guessing.

Some rumors about HTC One M10

New rumors on a frivolous, doublecoatingshield will boost the sturdiness and turn the HTC One M10 as one of the trimmest smartphones of 2016. The metalliccompound is supposed to be the faultlesscombination of insubstantial and tougheringredients that is assumed to make the externalcoveringcloselyeverlasting. Suchimprovedspecifications will be a comfortable approach for making it more demanding in market.

HTC is probable to drive with a twin camera in the fresh HTC One M10 concept reports. Gossipsare on a noteworthyenhancement when paralleling the perceptions of the M9 and M10 camera counting a 27 MP back and 10 MP forward-facingcamera.Using auto focus technology, ophthalmicsteadiness, and automaticwhiz feature, it is much expected to be appreciated by the buyers. As it is the trend of selfies and snaps, HTC is said to work hard on a more enhanced camera features for satisfying the demand of the costumers.

According to buzzes, with 4K display, High quality resolution, 4GB RAM, up to128 GB internal memory, eye-catching shades, Qualcomm 820/82X chipset processor, 5.4 expected displays, HTC One M10 is going to strike the market and most probably bring a revolutionary change in smartphone arena.

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