Common Sign Of The Bed Bugs In Your Room

It goes without saying that the bed bugs are silent killers, they feed on the blood of the human being. They are quite minute, frustrating and next to impossible to detect. Most of us have no idea that they have been sharing a bed with these tiny creatures, they usually hide furniture’s underneath, mattresses, and just about every now & corner of the house. The bed bugs are not easy to discover by the naked eye, until and unless they have been by the bugs. Here, in this post, we’ve curated the common signs of the bed bugs that must not be ignored, and right away call a credible pest control Brentwood service provider to terminate the pests.

Bites of the Bed Bugs

As we all know, bed bugs hide easily within the restroom, without you actually knowing it. These bugs are not easy to identify unless you’ve been bitten by the tiny creatures. This is a clear-cut sign that the bed bugs are residing with you. If you are having bed bugs sharing a bed with you, then, in that case, you are going to have a hard time having a good night sleep, and wake up an itchy skin. So, you and someone in your family experience the bites, then you need to call in a reliable pest control service provider to deal with the bed bugs problem.

Blood Stains

The bed bugs are bloodsuckers, they live on the blood of humans. They bite you and draw blood. So. check to the bloodstains under the bed mattress, the reddish stains must not be overlooked when you wake after having a battling night with the pests.

Bad Odor

Another prevalent sign of the bed bugs present in your room, is the smelly, unpleasant, and solid scent, somewhat like the wet towel. The bed bugs discharge pheromones and with the increase in the quantity of this will leave an unpleasant odour in the room. If you are discovering the filthy scent, then you must wear the investigator hat to know the root cause or reach out for a professional pest control Brentwood company.

Empty Eggshells of Bed Bugs

Somewhat white and translucent, the eggs of the bed bugs are found around the bed area. These eggshells have a coating of the shining film, thereby easily sticking with different surfaces. The eggshells are commonly found on rough fabrics, bed frames and mattresses, etc.

If all the above-mentioned signs are line with your problem, then you must wait or hesitate, call in a professional pest control company to provide a customised solution to terminate the pests. They have the most up-to-date equipment and chemicals to deal with the bed bugs.

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  1. If Bed bugs have already attacked your room, then the first thing that you need to do is to call a pest control company to carry out a thorough inspection and then get bed bugs control treatment done in your home.

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